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Over the years I’ve always been a fan of Greg Norman’s golf but never a fan of his course designs. Until I went to Mayakoba in Mexico where his company did a fine seaside course. We saw every shot of a 62 he had in the Canadian Open at Glen Abbey one year, he was a pure player and still is based upon his recent close finish in South Africa while accompanying his fiance who was signing a deal in the area. GOLF INTERNATIONAL this month has a fine article about Greg and his ambition, successes, etc. But the one quote sort of leads me to thinking maybe he’s still a wanker, a very successful one.

“I don’t play the Senior Tour. I’ve done enough for the PGA Tour. Why should I go out there and support the Senior PGA Tour, try to lift them up, like I did in the ’80s and ’90s”. Does he have a point? I’ll ask him at Mayakoba in two weeks.

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  • Slatts you have to remember that Greg Norman’s Company is who first proposed a “World Tour” concept to Finchem and the PGA Board back in the late 90’s. They told him and the Media, at that time, they did not want to persue it but as time evolved, it might be a feasible concept…….KABOOM….. 3 months later, it is born as the “new tour” for the world and I also bet my last dollar, that IMG and Tiger’s Company are shareholders.
    Funny how that worked out for Greg so I cannot blame him for his stance on not promoting the PGA anymore but at the same time, he is “cheating” himself out of competitive golf years and the Fans that still line up to watch the Shark do his thing.


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