Weir WDs from the Buick with the Flu

According to Mike Weir’s agents at IMG, he pulled out of the tournament today after nine holes because of a bout with the flu. He returns to play at Pebble Beach in two weeks time.

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  • longdrive325,

    Just be mindful that if you start your own blog, you can’t remain anonymous like you do know while making snitty comments.

  • Oh no?

    You have a lot to learn about the blogging world and the internet in general KC. Go out a check out some of the most popular and ground breaking blogs of the last 2 years, you will find that many of them are penned by anonymous writers. The internet is great – anyone CAN do anything they want.

  • Longwhatever:

    You clearly have a naive understanding of the internet. Blogs worth reading have transparency including information on the author. There are plenty of anonymous blogs out there…by and large useless tools of uninformed blabber…come to think of it, right up your ally.

  • Longdrive: Did you not post a comment asking why Weir withdrew? I’m perplexed as you said: “RT. I just noticed that Weir has withdrawn from the Buick after playing 9 holes?” I assumed that was a request to find out why he withdrew, which is why I looked into it.

    As for anonymous blogs — I agree with Weekend, I think they have little value and are on the wane. It seems to me the best blogs I read are people who are very informed on the particular subject matter and a blog allows them more latitude than more traditional forums.

  • Weekend is a know – it – all who thinks it is his responsibility to school everyone who posts here to his way so seeing the world. What he or you THINKS about anonymous blogs is not relevant to my point. Move outside the golf world for a moment, do some research on what blogs generated the most buzz in the last few years, go back and read my post and re-evaluate.

    I wasn’t asking why he withdrew, I was raising the point that he did withdraw. Having said that, I wasn’t really being negative when I said I should start my own blog, I was being funny. (if that is allowed). It took the negative turn when KC seemed to take exception to that remark.

  • Longwhatever:

    I did not know that providing an opinion meant “to school everyone who posts here to his way so seeing the world…”. I believe that different views provide an engaging and productive discourse. Of course, if the mind is closed…

  • Weekmind:
    if the mind is closed…

    Exactly. I’ve read your “opinions” here for a while and not just the discussions with me. You are the one who will just continually post your “opinions” and never read what someone else is saying to you. When you constantly blab on and on about your “opinions” without even showing that you are thinking about what others are saying, that is trying to school everyone to see things your way. In any event, I’ve told you what my “opinion” is of you in several other posts, now if you can just get past your desire to respond to every post I make you may enjoy your time here a little more and find others a little more willing to read your “opinions”.

  • Longwhatever:

    You should go back and read the comment sections again. For example, take the discussion on Jon Mills…You will see that I defend my positions and respond to what others are saying. Yes, the theme is the same (because that is my view that I am defending) but I respond to other people’s arguments…not just reiterate my opinion on a topic.

    Btw, I enjoy my time here just fine. Why would you think otherwise? Do you know how I feel? Oh, and why would you say that others are more willing to read my opinions. Have you talked to them? Is there any evidence to your claim? Or is that your opinion positioned like it is a factual statement?

    At least, I defend my positions with data and rational arguments…

  • you call “you clearly have a naive understanding of the internet” rational or factual?

    Get over yourself chump, you’re not as bright as you think you are.

  • You made the statement:

    “You have a lot to learn about the blogging world and the internet in general KC. Go out a check out some of the most popular and ground breaking blogs of the last 2 years, you will find that many of them are penned by anonymous writers…”

    Where is your data or rational argument or backup with examples for such a statement about KC?

    Interesting enough, RT, a prominent blogger and author, with significant readership agreed with my position…

    I think you need to look in the mirror and conduct a little self examination.

  • Dear Weekend Enth.:

    This will be my last post directed at you.
    Prior to your last quote, YOU were the one bragging about how rational and factual your remarks (opinions) are. NOT ME. Do you get that? I’m not the one saying “all my posts are rational and factual”. YOU are the one saying those things. You have an air of superiority about you that says “I know everything and I am going to bloddy well let you know that I know it”. That’s what made me react to you in the first place. I enjoy reading peoples opinions, thats why I come here, but I don’t enjoy reading someone’s lectures about how we all don’t get it, and this is the way it is. If you want to say “every comment I make is rational and factual”, then be prepared to be called out on it, cause you don’t have a monopoly on thought.

    I don’t want to duel with you to be the Head Dweeb Know it All Blog Poster, I’m only trying to let you know that you are embarassing yourself by trying to be the Head Dweeb Know it All Blog Poster. Like I said to you quite a while ago, don’t take it all so personal, and in the end I really do understand: People like you just can’t help themselves.

    Take care bud.

  • Longwhatever:

    Thanks for your final post. A few comments:

    1. Not sure where you have this impression that I am lecturing or trying to be Head Dweeb Know it all blog poster. I express an opinion, defend it when others have a different view, and enjoy the discourse;
    2. How did you gain the monopoly on having a view? You think I am lecturing. Let me copy some of your posts:

    “You have a lot to learn about the blogging world and the internet in general KC..” – tell me that statement is not condescending?

    “As for Weekend Enthusiast: You Are Wrong.You were just presented with a definition of lynch by someone who took the time to look it up in MW dictionary. Don’t proceed to give us your pathetic narrow understanding of the meaning of the word and bore us with your small minded take on mass media and it’s role in society. I’ve seen…” – Who made you the authority on who is right and wrong? Your subsequent backup evidence is filled with your own view on the merits of my arguments with no rationale or compelling argument…just insults. Perhaps if you argued the facts, it would be more compelling.

    I could go on and on but you need to look in the mirror. As I said before, you should do some self examination before criticizing others.

    I appreciate you will no longer comment on my posts.

  • All I will say is this — the blogs I read (both in popular culture and in sports) are largely written by people I’d consider professionals. I read them for perspective and information. To each his own, I suppose, but my take on it is that professionals bring something to blogging that the average sports fan can’t. And given the limitations of space in newspapers, blogs are an outlet for material that would interest some who are, for example, fascinated by the nuances of golf, but would not interest the vast majority of readers.

    As for the Longdrive v. Weekend battle — let’s chill guys. I appreciate you both reading the site. I’d rather you argued with me than each other.

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