Tilghman's Apology

In what appeared to be some pre-tape, Golf Channel announcer Kelly [photopress:Kelly_Tilghman_1.jpg,full,alignright]Tilghman apologized for her remarks about Tiger Woods and lynching two weeks ago. But in an ironic twist to the whole affair, the Golf Channel had a technical glitch and cut off the start of her comments.

Anyway, her’s what she had to say:

“I’m Kelly Tilghman. It’s an honor to be with you again,” she said. “In a recent live broadcast, I used an inappropriate word that was offensive to many. Over the last two weeks, I’ve taken this time to reflect and truly understand the impact of what I said. While I did not intend to offend anyone, I understand why those words were hurtful. I am terribly sorry for any hurt that I’ve caused. I would like to express my deepest apologies.”

The audio was missing on the first line and cut back in on “used,” at least on my PVR. Associated Press reported the sound glitch was widespread.

Tilghman didn’t seem to be too cautious in her early remarks — in fact it seemed like business as usual, which meant she was stiff and wooden and color man Nick Faldo was glib and smarmy.

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  • Stiff and wooden and glib and smarmy. Wow!
    I’m trying to find a time you said anything positive about anyone, can’t find one. It seems as though the only person you have a high opinion of is yourself.

    Every day this place becomes more irrelevant, and you become a bigger joke.

  • I fully concur with R.T.’s assessment of the Golf Channel anchors. They are a big reason why I seldom watch their broadcasts any longer.

  • HY KING OF ALL GOLF BLOGS….I have been saying what you have just said for some time. RT is always on his moral high horse. He is the golf scene priest. He does zero reseach, and things he has the moral right to judge (in recent blogs he has judged tiger, sandra post, kelly, and more if you care to look). I have worked in the golf business for 25 years, and you are correct, he is a joke. I regard him as a slob journalist. He reviews golf courses, but never once has indicated what training he has. His reviews are cliches…yesterday he said a particular hole forced success based on one shot (what does that mean?!). He gets facts wrong. Once he spelled the Exec Director of the RCGA as Scott Simmonds, rather than Simmons…) He is just plain lazy and sloppy, or a slob in other words. He knows everything. He doesn’t have the guts to leave this comment….it will be deleted.

  • To both of you blog kings….If you don’t like Robert’s discussions or opinions then don’t read the blog. It seems as though there is a little bit of jealousy behind your comments. Im quite certain that you really have no idea how much research Robert does b/c I don’t think you are by his side 24/7.

  • Greg B: you don’t even know what “smarmy” means, so how could you concur with his assessment?

    AC: we read the blog cause it’s fun to watch a train wreck. If we stop reading, that will leave you and Greg B.

    I’m the king of all golf blog reviewers and I give this golf blog a 2 out of 10.

  • To my critics: I find it fascinating that you take the time to spew your particular brand of venom, while being cloaked in the guise of anonymity. It would take a much bigger person than either of you to offer some accurate insight or criticism, and actually do it under your own name. That’s not going to happen though, is it?
    In truth you’re seeing what you want to see. Always negative? Hardly. I’ve lauded lots of people for doing positive things in the industry. No training to review courses (now this one sounds like a slag from someone I once had an exchange with who works in the wine region of Ontario)? I’ve played or seen pretty much everything that’s good in Canada and spent most of the past decade reading all the design books I can get my hands on.
    I spend a lot of time on this blog and take pride in it. Do I get it right 100% of the time. No. Did I once add a “d” to Scott Simmons? Indeed. Typos happen. Is everyone going to agree with every one of my course reviews? Of course not. In fact, I’d love to hear from more people who disagree with me on them — but in an open and honest fashion, not this pathetic slagging through anonymous postings.
    Do I try to be as open and honest as is possible and convey my opinion and a lot of information to those interested in golf in Canada and abroad? Indeed.
    As for the self-proclaimed “King of all golf blog reviewers,” well first your title is a little wordy and second, I wouldn’t be aping Howard Stern anytime soon. Hardly original.
    And gents, if you are so turned off by the blog, why do you show up to read it time and again in a single day? Both of my critics are usually the first ones to post replies, so clearly they pay a great deal of attention to it.

    As for deleting comments, that is at my discretion. In the past, those legitimately interested in the site have asked me to yank them down, and I have. I will continue to do so whenever I please as it is my blog. This isn’t a democracy.

    Best until next time (which I’m sure will be very soon.)


  • Rob,

    Ever notice how this knob complains that nothing you write is positive, then spends his entire post crapping on your blog? He’s just a troll who gets off on provoking you.

    He doesn’t contribute anything meaningful to the conversation, and his tone will drive other people away – not because they agree with him, but because they get tired of reading his drivel, like that guy from BC who posts garbage on Bob Weeks’s blog. My advice? Delete, delete, delete …

  • While I am a supporter of free speech, the troll consistently does not contribute anything of value and detracts from the conversation….hence, I support Guy’s advice and suggestion.

  • Please remove any comments that aren’t relevant to the discussion at hand. Also, only pathetic people can’t post a real name. If you can’t post a real name and your comments are garbage your reply should be axed.

    In regard to the golf channel and their golf coverage I find it extremely boring and golf lately boring in general. Can’t say if it is more due to the golf channel or just the pga tour and its players in general. I used to watch every Sunday, now only the majors. I think the real problem is that there is no great young players(or anyone) challenging Tiger and no real rivalries in golf at the present time.

  • There is a simple way to solve this problem and that is to have posting here only available to paying members. Charge some kind of membership fee and only allow members to join and post under their real names.


  • Longdrive — I actually don’t mind the debate, as long as it doesn’t devolve into name calling. You’ve been a faithful reader and your comments and opinions (even the ones I don’t agree with) are appreciated.

    As for the Weir remark, I did take it as being funny, but also thought to check as to why he’d WD’d.

    Keep readin’

  • “she was stiff and wooden”….RT
    How “free wheeling” would you be if you had just gone through what she did?

    “I’ve played or seen pretty much everything that’s good in Canada”…..RT
    -see King of all golf blog’s 1st post

    “And gents, if you are so turned off by the blog, why do you show up to read it time and again in a single day?”…RT
    If you’re so turned off by the Golf Channel why do you keep tuning in?

    “Ever notice how this knob complains that nothing you write is positive, then spends his entire post crapping on your blog? He’s just a troll who gets off on provoking you”…Guy
    There is more than one RT critic, believe it or not

    “the troll consistently does not contribute anything of value and detracts from the conversation”…Weekend enthusiast
    That’s your opinion

    “only pathetic people can’t post a real name”….Chris
    Yeah sure Chris. Why don’t you post your full name, SIN, place of employment??

    “There is a simple way to solve this problem and that is to have posting here only available to paying members”…Longdrive
    And watch RT’s blog traffic go through the roof.

  • Not a Ken — my point was that Ms. Tilghman didn’t seem particularly flustered when she returned. She came back as her old self — which I just don’t think makes for an interesting announcer.

    As for your question about why I tune in to the Golf Channel — well, if you want to watch PGA Tour golf, perhaps you can explain what other outlet I’d turn to. I find pro golf fascinating, I just don’t care for the GC’s presentation.

    As for my troll, well, I selectively pick and choose what I leave up on the site. Many readers want the remarks taken down and I’m not about to get into a position like Score did with your namesake. As I’ve said, I like discussion and will encourage people to disagree with me. However, I’m not going to let someone post the same rant over and over again. I mean at least come up with something more clever than calling me a “slob journalist” on a regular basis. I’m a lot of things, but as I’ve pointed out, a slob isn’t one of them. If you are going to insult me and let it stand, at least be creative.

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