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This morning I smoked Jim Furyk at Firestone. I shot a bogey free 59 and got the trophy for low round and first bogey free round!

Most people that know me know that I bought a Wii for the family in late Spring of 07. After months of perfecting my touch with the wand/controller, I bought Tiger Woods 08 in the Fall and have been hooked ever since.

I try to play a round a day if i can. I’ve been through all of the courses and found TPC Boston to be the most difficult. In addition to being able to play regular rounds of golf (stroke play), you can also play match, skins and a myrid of challenge games. You can even play an entire PGA Season and contend for the FED EX Cup. I am currently working my way through the Tigher Challenge Ladder and have accumulated over “$109,000.”

Everyone wants to know if you use your regular swing to play the game. Well, while you definitely can use your normal swing I found that I felt like a nob standing in an empty living room swing the tiny remote control. Instead I swing with my right hand exclusively. Once you get a feel for the putting, you have a great opportunity to post super low rounds.

In addition to elevation changes, you also have to compensate for wind speed and direction and a neat feature allows you to change from a full swing to a punch shot, pitch or lob. If you’re playing with a buddy, you can use the controller to taunt your appoint, making their controller vibrate during their back swing.

You also get a huge choice of PGA players or regular duffers to represent you or you can use the customize feature to build an avatar that sort of looks like you. the more you play, the better your avatar gets, hitting the ball further and straighter.

The one dissappointment is that every once in a while (particulary on chips and some putts), the game swings the club before your ready and unless you have the mulligan feature turned on you can’t fix it. As a note, I have decided to leave the mulligan feature off and deal with the consequences of the bad shot, much like in my real game.

I’ve been asked if I think that playing Wii over the winter will help my game come Spring. I can’t honestly say that it will help with anything other than helping me focus on how to best execute the next shot, greens in regulations and FUN!

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