Nike Launches New Fitting System

Nike Golf has taken one giant leap towards advancing innovation and customization in club fitting with the introduction of its new 360Ëš Fitting System.
The complete Nike Golf 360Ëš Fitting System is distinguished by the fact that it provides a full bag fitting system “ hence, golfers can maximize their performance on the course by being fit for every club in their bag ranging from the driver to the lob wedge. When coupled with the proprietary Nike IFS (Intelligent Fitting System) software and launch monitor, the 360Ëš Fitting System will provide golfers with a tour-level fitting experience. The 360Ëš Fitting System begins shipping to key retailers and green grass professionals in February 2008.

The new Nike Golf Fitting System also addresses gap yardage club-fit solutions (i.e. fairway to iron, pitching wedge to approach wedge) and provides club type logic (i.e. hybrid or iron, #3 wood or #4 wood) throughout the set. This standout technology optimizes distance, ball flight and accuracy throughout the set, leading to enhanced performance.

We are thrilled to have developed a complete club fitting system that has already received tremendous feedback by our test fitters in the marketplace, said Stan Grissinger, Category Business Director for Clubs and Balls for Nike Golf. This is just one step in Nike Golfs ongoing commitment to providing golfers with a complete performance package to enhance their game “ from head to toe.

There are three levels of fitting systems offered by Nike Golf to green grass professionals and key retailers, two of which are mobile units and are easily transported:

360 Mobile Fitting System is a complete fitting cart with Technology Overlay and IFS (Intelligent Fitting System) Software
360 Mobile Fitting System is a complete fitting cart with up to five to seven cases of heads and two quivers (case that holds the shafts) totaling 80 shafts.
360 Rack Fitting System is the base 360 Z-Fit solution with two large cases of heads and a single quiver of 40 shafts.
Nike 360 Mobile Fitting System with Technology Overlay

Is the most advanced of the three 360 Fitting Systems that contains a comprehensive fitting cart composed of:
Proprietary Z-FIT Technology device that connects the shaft to the club head.
Full wood and iron cases and quivers (case that holds shafts).
A proprietary launch monitor.
A laptop with wireless capabilities.
Proprietary IFS (Intelligent Fitting System) software that guides a fitter through the driver, hybrid and traditional iron fitting process, as well as addressing wedge launch conditions for gap fitting wedges.

Nike 360 Mobile Fitting System

Is the second-most advanced of the three 360 Fitting Systems that contains a fitting cart with:

Proprietary Z-FIT Technology device that connects the shaft to the club head.
5-7 cases of heads.
Two quivers (case that holds shafts) totaling 80 shafts.
Nike 360 Rack Fitting System

Is a unit that includes the right number of components for stationary environments. The components include:

One quiver (case that holds shafts).
One case that holds driver heads.
One iron case holding some of every iron component (SUMO, CCi, SS4D, SUMO², Blade, SV Wedges). The main fitting iron is SUMO.
Additional case for storage of fitting tools.
The cases and quivers in each system comprise many important benefits for the fitter:

Cases provide quick access to fitting components.
Cases can be placed onto the open quiver (self-standing) to be used as a work station.
Cases free up work space for the fitter.
Individual cases and quivers can be easily transported to the range or hitting net.
With cases and quivers, all the necessary tools are at hand rather than a couple of clubs.

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