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Nike Golf, the first to initiate the rapid rise of Moment of Inertia (MOI) through the power of science and geometry, continues on the revolutionary geometric path it has pioneered with the introduction of two new drivers — the Nike SQ SUMO² (square) 5900 and the SQ SUMO 5000. Both new drivers will be available on what Nike Golf has designated as SUMO Saturday (February 2, 2008).

The most recent additions to the comprehensive Nike SUMO family, the SQ SUMO² 5900 and SQ SUMO 5000 are Nike Golfs second generation of SUMO drivers. Each follow in the footsteps of the original SQ SUMO² and SQ SUMO, launched in 2007.

Tom Stites and his research and development team have taken the successes from Nike Golfs original SUMO² and SUMO drivers and made them even better, said Stan Grissinger, Category Business Director for Club and Balls for Nike Golf. They are scientists at work, the results of which have led Nike Golf to lead the PGA Tour in driver wins for two consecutive years.

The SUMO² 5900 features a square-shaped head, a deeper face, a convex crown, and redefined body shape to increase ball speed and accuracy. With the MOI at the maximum allowed of 5900, the SUMO² 5900 offers greater forgiveness on off-center hits with a tighter shot dispersion. This result is the straightest, longest and most accurate driver Nike Golf has ever made. Featuring Nikes Powerbow weighting, the weight in the SUMO² 5900 is repositioned to the farthest corners of the Nike PowerBow design, optimizing head stability and delivering ultimate accuracy. The SUMO² 5900 has a multi-thickness face, which maximizes faster ball speeds from every point on the face.

The SUMO 5000 is a more traditionally round-shaped driver with a deep-face profile. This gives golfers the freedom to shape the ball or hit it long and straight. The PowerBow design strategically positions weight in the club head to optimize the center of gravity location.

The SQ SUMO² 5900 and the SQ SUMO 5000 are both 460cc, feature SasQuatch/Diamana shafts, and are available in 8.5Ëš, 9.5Ëš, 10.5Ëš, 11.5Ëš, 13Ëš and 16Ëš. The SQ SUMO 5000 also is available in a 13Ëšoffset. The SQ SUMO² 5900 will carry a Cdn SRP of $499.99. The SQ SUMO 5000 will carry a Cdn SRP of $399.00.

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