Online golfing at its best

If you’re not looking for a good online golf game to pass the time away – you should be! Head over to and check out one of the most realistic online golf games you’ll ever play.

The guys that run the site have used hi-def cameras to acurately capture nine holes at the Bali Hai golf resort. With a simple click of your mouse your avatar plays a closest to the hole competition. The scoring is simple, you get 1 point for each foot away from the pin. Points are added when you land on the fringe (+5), the fairway (+10), the bunker (+30) or water (+40). The goal is to shoot the lowest score possible.

Put a good swing on the ball and you’ll take the appropriate divot. Land in the water and watch the splash. Land in the bunker and see a puff of smoke. Best of land, land on the green and watch the ball roll to the hole. You have to see this for yourself! It’s free so try it.

You can play for free as much as you like or you can register and have your scores tallied on the world wide scoreboard with chances to win prizes each week.

My best score – so far – is 303. What can you do. E-mail me your best scores.

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