TaylorMade Golf Introduces r7 CGB MAX Driver, Fairway Woods and Irons

Apparently TM was opposed to square drivers — but not triangular ones!

TaylorMade Golf has introduced a new premium line of [photopress:tm.jpg,full,alignright]golf equipment called r7 CGB MAX, comprised of a driver, fairway woods and irons. “MAX” is short for maximum distance, maximum forgiveness, maximum performance, and the kind of maximum ease of use that most players wouldn’t have dreamed possible. In addition, each r7 CGB MAX club has been designed to expertly blend tradition with technology, resulting in a dynamic visual appeal that turns heads in the same way that a high-performance car does.

r7 CGB MAX driver
The r7 CGB MAX, which is characterized by its appealing shape and deep red color, incorporates multiple technologies that make possible its extraordinary performance. First is TaylorMade’s renowned Movable Weight Technology„¢ (MWT„¢). In this case, MWT is in the form of three weights; one in the toe, one in the heel and one in the very back. Two 1-gram weights and one 16-gram weight are included, and configuring them in the clubhead to promote a specific ball flight is remarkably intuitive. Very simply, if you want the ball to go to the right, put the heavy weight on the right side of the clubhead (the toe). That promotes a slight fade. If you want the ball to go left, as in a slight draw, put the heavy weight in the middle of the clubhead (the back). If you want to promote a large draw, put the heavy weight on the left side of the clubhead (the heel). TaylorMade testing indicates that MWT in this driver promotes up to 35 yards of trajectory change from the slight fade to the large draw.

“CGB” stands for Center of Gravity Back, which is critical to making a club easy to launch high and long. The r7 CGB MAX’s distinctive triangular clubhead shape makes it possible to position the CG especially far back in the head in relation to the clubface. That kind of CG location also makes the r7 CGB MAX more stable and forgiving on mis-hits, which leads to another huge advantage about this driver, and that’s high MOI. When you combine the Inverted Cone clubface technology that TaylorMade incorporates into all of its drivers, which delivers higher ball speed when you miss the center of the face, you get an effective MOI that’s greater than 5800*. (The USGA limit is 5900.)
The r7 CGB MAX also incorporates our SuperFast Technology, with an ultra-light RE*AX® graphite shaft, an ultra-light grip, and an extra inch of overall length, all of which contributes to more clubhead speed for increased distance.

The r7 CGB MAX driver is available right- and left-handed models in three lofts: 9.5°, 10.5° and HT. Availability begins at TaylorMade’s retail partners begins on October 30, 2007 at a manufacturer’s suggest retail price of $600.

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  • I have not been able to find any reviews on TGW or Golfsmith to compare the TM CGB Max 3 wood. Either no one is buying it, or no one is commenting on it. That is odd.
    Any ideas where I can get some fedback from those who have tried it ?

  • Amazing, I haven’t been able to find a single review either, surely someone has this stick in their bag.

  • Great driver. First time in my life I have hit the ball off the tee without a slice. A lot of pop off this club as well.

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