GolfNorth's Expansion?

Some odds and sods for an election morning:

  • Interesting to note that I had a chance to meet with Al Kavanagh, the president of GolfNorth, when I was at Mystic last week. Among the things he mentioned was that Jim Balsillie (co-CEO of Research in Motion) is, in fact, the majority owner of the company. I knew Balsillie was involved, but I didn’t know he held a majority interest in the business, which runs 15 courses. Kavanagh also said he was hoping to add two more courses to the company’s roster over the winter and had his eyes on both already. One is in Southern Ontario and has been well received — the other one is anyone’s guess.
  • Golf Digest has a fascinating story on Jacqueline Gagne, the woman who claimed to have 16 holes-in-one this year alone. It is well researched and the kind of journalism that is well worth taking the time to read. It is also interesting how many media operations — often television — just bought her story without checking in to it. The story is here.
  • As Bob Weeks and Lorne Rubenstein point out, it is nice to see Lorie Kane make some putts and card a Top 10 finish. Kane is, without doubt, the friendliest person I’ve met in Canadian golf. Weeks’ take on Kane is here, while Rube’s story is here. I spoke with Kane two weeks ago and she mentioned her biggest issue was with the flat stick, but otherwise her game was solid. Seems she knows of what she speaks.
  • Toronto Mayor David Miller was on the Fan 590’s Fairways show on Saturday talking about his year. Apparently one of his highlights was taking $1 off me at Don Valley. You can hear his comments here — at about the 28 minute mark. BTW, I gave him at least a shot a hole (and so I’m clear — I was 1-under on the front and 4-over on the back) — and you can read the whole story in my Going for the Green book that I’m finishing currently and will appear on Key Porter books next spring. The mayor is an interesting guy and a fine golf companion.

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  • Dave Kindred’s “Jackie Gagne” article was fascinating. It read like a 60 Minutes piece. While she may have made a few hole in ones early on, Dave’s story certainly suggests – if not proves – that the vast majority of her “success” on par three’s (not to mention on the rest of the course – 61 my ASS!!!) was a crock of …..

  • Hey, RT, why don’t you do a similar story on Canada’s supposed king of aces, Steve Johnstone It would make fascinating reading.

  • The Stephen Johnston aces story always seemed improbable to me, but I understand he has people who can attest to each and every one. So while many are like you and “don’t believe it,” I can’t rightly say either way.

    On the other hand, I’ve played a ton in the last 10 years, have been a solid single digit for most of that, and have two. I’ve been close a couple of other times — but that’s it. And I hear stories like that all the time — which makes me think it would be awfully hard to get 10 aces, let alone 50.

  • so what???????? North Korean leader Kim Il Jong once scored a hole in one on every hole and then went and swam 3 miles in some river. The North Korean people’s daily reported this so it must be true.

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