PresCup Follow: International Players Didn't Like Montreal?

According to an Australian newspaper, the International players felt too many spectators cheered for the U.S. team and not enough were vocal in their support of Stuart Appleby, Adam Scott and the like. Maybe that’s because Adam Scott couldn’t hit a two foot putt…

“We need not be afraid of sending it down south, because that is an advantage for us,” said Australian Adam Scott.

Only if Scott’s putting and driving is changed by being in the southern hemisphere…

“The Americans need to get outside their comfort zone for us to do well,” Scott added. The International players sometimes wondered if they were really playing a home game in the past four days at Royal Montreal, near the US border. The galleries cheered for Americans Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson sometimes with greater fervour than the Internationals.

Like they didn’t cheer for Mike Weir. Maybe Canadians just wanted to cheer for good golf, something that was in short supply on the International side. I guess Australians will cheer for Scott’s leaky driver and balky putter….

Now Vijay Singh also suggested in the article that the best place for the event would be South Africa or Australia. Knowing the rumors of Singh’s interest in, well for lack of a better term, nightlife, I’m surprised the big man from Fiji didn’t find love have fun on St. Laurent.

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  • What a steaming pile out of Adam Scott! I was there Saturday, and despite the thousands of American fans in attendance there was a very distinct difference in the reception for good play. When the Americans made a putt or won a hole, the applause was mostly polite and appreciative. When the Int’ls did the same, the volume and excitement was twice the level. It just happened half as often.

    As for Singh, he was spotted a couple of times eating at the Keg. If that’s his idea of enjoying what Montreal has to offer … !

  • I think Adam Scott has it all wrong. He is claiming he would have played better if the crowd cheered for him, I think it is the opposite. The crowd would have cheered for him had he played better.

    excuses, excuses, excuses.

  • I believe Adam’s game is showing his character flaws, the player most likely to succeed Tiger has become a right tosser !
    VJ’s eating in the Keg was to save money for his upcoming D….

  • I was also there on Saturday and agree with Guy. There was a distinct difference between the applause for a good shot and the roars when the International side hit a good shot or won a hole. The International wives seemed to be having more fun than their husbands on Saturday and Sunday. Frankly they were almost more fun to watch!!

  • Interesting comments about Vijay’s interest in the nightlife. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me.

    The Keg, however, remains a mystery.

  • Re VJ & the Keg…you guys are unbelievable. If it was John Daly strapping on the feedbag at Hooters you’d be talking about what a good ‘ol boy big John is….the people’s champion. Rubish!

    Given the long season & the travelling these guys do, cut them some slack. The Keg. Oh the horror!

  • Adam Scott always come across as a bit girlie and lack killer instinct – as evident by him losing a 54-hole 3-stroke lead in Memphis this year. If he wants cheers – he should play in those Australasian Tour events.

  • I was there all week and there was definitely a difference between the polite applause in appreciation for a well played US shot and won hole for the International squad. Adam Scott’s comments are just an example of a sore loser whining and finding someone else to blame rather than himself.

    Montreal’s world-class restaurants and legendary night life will live on without Vijay, but I still like The Keg too.

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