PresCup On TV: Why No Domestic Telecast

The Globe’s William Houston writes about the opening round of the PresCup and raises the question of why Canadians are watching the American telecast. Turns out it would have been awfully expensive to produce a Canadian version (not surprising), but am I mistaken, or is there not an International feed? Either way, it was a bit much to see the early parts of the telecast, where the rain was falling, and hear about how “we” — meaning the Americans — had struggled in the Ryder Cup but had done well in the PresCup.

Houston points out that Bobby Clampett, clearly one of the worst golf commentators in the business, didn’t have much of a clue about Canada:

He said golf exploded here after Weir’s 2003 Masters win. Golf has been a huge participation sport in Canada for years. He referred to Weir as a kid. He’s 37 years old.

But then Houston, like most sports writers who never cover golf, demonstrates that he doesn’t really know the sport:

And he (Clampett) made note of Weir’s immense popularity. Our sense is, after four mediocre post-Masters seasons, his popularity has declined.

A) I don’t know the “our” is that Houston speaks of. Has he multiplied and he’s taken a poll on Mike Weir’s popularity? Is he next going to reference the “royal we?”

and B) Weir’s still pretty damned popular in Canada. Witness the fact 4,000 people came out to watch him play Vijay Singh in PEI on a rainy day. Oh, and 2004 wasn’t a bad year. Weir won, finished second and made US$2.7M. I’ll take that kind of bad year anytime — and I bet Weir would as well. However, it is safe to say Weir hasn’t been strong for the last three years.

Houston’s column is here.

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  • I thought about being upset that there wasn’t a Canadian broadcast of this event. However, I quickly realized that a Canadian version would likely include the TSN/CTV Swiss Army knife – Rod Black. Thank God for small miracles! I’ll stick with my US only version, thank you very much.

    I figured either CTV or TSN would try to hijack the broadcast this weekend. Was I wrong? If so, that’s even better.

    BTW – Mr. Thompson, you’re ‘connected’ to the Canadian Media, right? Can you find out what it is that keeps Rod Black on the air? Did he marry someone’s daughter? Does he know something about someone? Is he related to Conrad? There’s something more to this, I’m sure. Whatever it is, it’s probably the same thing that keeps Jim Nantz and Chris Berman gainfully employed in the US.

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