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[photopress:annika_sorenstam.jpg,full,alignleft]Sleep deprived and wired like I’ve just flown red-eye from Vancouver and immediately gotten on another flight to return, nonetheless I’m still off to Magna GC today to have a sit down with Annika Sorenstam, the former world no. 1 female golfer. She should have been here in May for this event, sponsored by one of the big banks, but her back injury meant she couldn’t make it until today.

She’s No.3 in the world now and for the first time in 12 years has yet to win an event on the LPGA Tour. She’s also 37 and there’s talk she’d like to have a family. That sound you hear? It is her biological clock ticking — so it wouldn’t stun me if she winds down her playing career in the next year or two, especially with the announcement that she’s getting married again.

Of course male pro golfers don’t have to answer questions about whether they are going to stop playing to have a family, and the LPGA Tour does have plenty of “mommies on tour,” like Laura Diaz. But one has to wonder whether Sorenstam could commit herself so fully to her game if she had a baby. For Tiger Woods, he just hires a team of early childhood education specialists; for Sorenstam as a mother it would take a lot more of her time and surely draw her focus away from golf.

So what can we expect from Sorenstam? That’s the question I’ll be asking and writing about in the Post tomorrow after my one-on-one with her. She’s had a remarkable career to date regardless of what she decides to do — and I’m sure it will be an interesting conversation.

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