Club Test: Titleist 907 D2

Lofts: 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5
Price: $499 (Golftown)
What they say:
The Titleist 907D2 is a multi-material 460cc driver with an enhanced moment of inertia (MOI) for increased distance with workability and shot control.

MOI is the clubhead’s resistance to twisting on off-center impact (i.e., heel, toe, high, or low). A higher MOI value means more resistance to twisting. The benefit of a higher MOI is longer distance (better energy transfer from club to ball) on off-center impacts.

What we say (tested: 10.5 / YS-6+ stiff shaft):

I had the privilege to go through a proper driver fitting at the Titleist Fitting Centre at Eagles Nest Golf Club. Seeing is truly believing and watching my ball flight in conjunction with the launch monitor feedback put the right driver in my hand. What I saw and felt at the performance center was confirmed on the golf course in my first round with the club.

To put it bluntly, I hit the snot out of the ball and I hit it dead straight. My offline shots barely strayed from my beloved fairway. Titleist isnt kidding about distance and workability. If you know the 12th at Royal Ashburn, you know that its 407 yards from the blues and the optimum tee shot is a draw (for right handed golfers) around the trees. On a good day I usually hit the ball straight over the corner of the trees and leave myself 145 yards in to the green. On Sunday (with a slight breeze behind me), I hit a soft draw on a perfect line and ended up at 95 yards. Those kinds of drives were repeated throughout the day.

But before you rush out and buy yourself the 907 D2 on my recommendation alone, I would suggest that you do get yourself properly fitted for shaft and loft. While at the fitting centre I hit plenty of wonky drives with shafts that didnt work for my swing speed and lofts that didnt optimize my launch angle. But once thats taken care of, get ready to work on your short game because thats all youll have to worry about!

Rating: *****

* Dont bother
** If you really need this, go ahead but we warned you
*** You will neither be disappointed or thrilled
****This should be one of your final choices and you will happy you spent the money
*****Buy this now!!!

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  • Sounds intriguing Stevie….but wouldn’t a proper fitting on several different makes of drivers, and then several rounds with each, be required in order to determine which driver is REALLY your favorite? Obviously this would be ideal – but perhaps a logistical, if not economic improbability. Regardless, I’m intrigued. How much was your fitting at Eagle’s Nest? Or how much do they normally charge? Can a retailer provide this type of service?

  • Dear Sales Guru,

    Here’s the reply from Titleist to your questions about their club fitting:

    We break Titleist Fitting Centre sessions into two distinct options.
    Namely a Driver/Long Game Fitting Session and an Iron/Short Game Fitting Session.

    Each session’s duration is an hour with a twenty minute debrief. Cost for each is $100 (plus GST). We are very close to the end of our season for this year.

    We have a network of Titleist Performance Monitor locations across Canada (Blainvillier GC in Montreal, Country Hills in Calgary and Marine Drive in Vancouver) each site charges a similar price for a fitting session.

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