Weir's "Mock" Disaster at Royal Montreal

Before the first round of the Deutsche Bank event in Boston, which [photopress:weir_1_2_3_4_5.jpg,full,alignleft]started on a Friday, Mike Weir played a round at Royal Montreal, a course he hadn’t seen since the Canadian Open was held there in 2001. Since then the course has had a significant “Reestorification” at the hands of one of the Jones boys.

Anyway, Weir showed up at the club wearing a mock turtle neck, likely part of his Weir Golf line of clothing.

The only problem was that Royal Montreal has some of the strangest clothing restriction rules in the country. Up until this year, one had to wear knee socks with shorts. Similarly, the club doesn’t allow mock turtle necks either, regardless of whether Tiger wears them every week or not. The club’s website notes this specifically. Shirts “must have a collar.”

Apparently Weir hadn’t bothered to check the website (of course, who would expect that he should), and when he arrived at the club, one of his playing partners, Brad Pelletier, the managing director of IMG, decided it would be best if Weir had another shirt to wear and snapped one up in the pro shop.

Now while on tour, Weir can pretty much wear whatever he likes. However, I had once heard a story that he showed up at a Bell event at Mount Bruno without a jacket and someone had to find him one so he could eat in the dining room.

The Golf Channel reported that someone from Royal Montreal told Weir to change the shirt. That is not true, according to Pelletier.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t have said anything………I just felt it was the right call,” Pelletier said in an e-mail.

It wouldn’t have surprised me if someone had said something to Weir — but that simply wasn’t the case this time.

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  • Almost every private course states that golf shirts must have a collar but generally mock t-necks are considered to be collars. Perhaps Royal Montreal is just a little more anal about this than pretty much any other course in the country.

  • I know of several clubs that do not allow mock necks except when worn under a sweater or other type of garment. The general feeling is that these mock neck shirts look a little too much like T-shirt.

    Private clubs are run my their members, so they get to set their own standards and they get to change them too as Royal Montreal did this year regarding shorts and allowing ankle-high socks.

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