New NatPost Column: RCGA Takes Step Backwards with Abbey

My regular Thursday National Post column, about the selection of Glen Abbey for 2009, is here.

Here’s a taste:

The Royal Canadian Golf Association is returning to the familiar and comfortable surroundings of Glen Abbey Golf Club for two consecutive Canadian Opens, the organization announced yesterday.

But lacking a title sponsor, with a difficult date following the British Open that keeps most of the game’s biggest stars away and on a course that brings out mixed feelings in many players, the question is now whether there will be a tournament to be played at Glen Abbey in July, 2009.

“I’m delighted to be able to address you again to continue to discuss the rotation strategy for the Canadian Open,” new RCGA executive director Scott Simmons said yesterday.

The only problem with that statement is currently there is no rotation –Glen Abbey will hold the event for the next two years, and that decision raises questions about whether there’s a strategy as well.

“As you all know, Glen Abbey and the Canadian Open share a long and storied tradition,” Simmons said.

Certainly long, but there may be naysayers when it comes to calling Glen Abbey’s tenure as home of the Canadian Open “storied.”

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  • It is so easy to find mistakes in your writing. Here is just one example(but there are others, if you want me to point them out):

    “In 2001, the tournament left the Abbey and went to Royal Montreal. With the exception of 2004, when the Open returned to the Abbey, it has since been held in Vancouver, Markham (twice) and Ancaster, Ont., (twice.)”

    For your information, the tournament left the Abbey in 1997, when it was played at Royal Montreal.

    I guess facts aren’t relevant when you have to write a column in 15 minutes.

    I also see you got Scott’s name correctly this time. Congratulations.

  • That’s so right — it “left” in 1997, but held the tournament again in 1998, 1999, 2000. Thanks for making things so much more correct. Your insight is much appreciated.
    Oh, and the RCGA didn’t even start talking about moving the Canadian Open around until Glen Abbey was sold in 1999, but I’m sure you already knew that.
    So you’re very correct, and my apologies for making such an error.
    I’ll try not to let it happen again.

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