FedEx Cup: Keep It Simple Stupid

I just can’t wrap my head around a “playoff” system in which you need a calculater to figure out a player’s position or one in which the winner doesn’t actually have to win. Such is my problem with the point system of the FedEx Cup. Here’s my solution:

Week One: 144 players in the field are determined by world rankings posted through the regular season of play. 90 players make the cut for weekend play and those 90 are guarenteed play in week two.

Week two: 90 players in the field and their starting tee times are determined by previous week’s results. The cut is dropped to 60 players, all of whom are now going to move through to week three.

Week three: 60 players once again tee off as per their finish in week two. The cut line is now at 30. Those 30 players will go through to the Tour Championship.

Week four: The FedEx Cup is decided by winning the Tour Championship. There are no cuts in this final tournament so everyone, theoretcially stands and equal chance to win the cup.

My suggestion will force every player to play every week. Drop out one week and you’re dropping out of the whole thing.

Thoughts? Can you see any holes in my thinking?

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  • I like the simplicity of your idea. I would make a few changes.

    I will like a 3 week play-off system though, so all the big names would play the entire play-offs
    . Lastly, I would like to see it narrowed down to the top 20 or so (I guess even 30) for the tour championship and make it match-up. Perhaps, we can finally see Tiger play Mickelsen or something similar to that.


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