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Ontario Golf has published its Top 50 course ratings in the province. It is an interesting list, which can be found here. I participated, as I have since 2003. For my money, the Paintbrush and Toronto GC are way too low, and Muskoka Bay would be too high….

Here’s the Top 15:

1. St. Georges G&CC, Etobicoke 44.80
Stanley Thompson (1928) (Renovations by Robbie Robinson)
2005 ranking: 1

2. Hamilton G&CC (West/South), Ancaster 43.47
Harry Colt (1914)
2005 ranking: 2

3. The National Golf Club of Canada, Woodbridge 42.85
George and Tom Fazio (1975)
2005 ranking: 3

4. Beacon Hall GC, Aurora 32.94
Robert Cupp (1988)
2005 ranking: 4

5. Westmount G&CC, Kitchener 32.76
Stanley Thompson (1931)
2005 ranking: 5

6. Bigwin Island GC, Lake of Bays 32.03
Doug Carrick (2001)
2005 ranking: 6

7. Coppinwood GC, Uxbridge 31.33
Tom Fazio (2006)
2005 ranking: NR

8. Eagles Nest GC, Maple 30.21
Doug Carrick (2003)
2005 ranking: 7

9. Muskoka Bay Club, Gravenhurst 29.94
Doug Carrick (2005)
2005 ranking: NR

10. Redtail GC, St. Thomas 29.64
Donald Steel (1990)
2005 ranking: 8

11. Devils Paintbrush, Caledon 28.96
Hurdzan/Fry (1992)
2005 ranking: 9

12. The Ridge at Manitou, McKellar 28.19
Tom McBroom (2004)
2005 ranking: NR

13. Devils Pulpit GA, Caledon 27.29
Hurdzan/Fry (1990)
2005 ranking: 17

14. Toronto GC, Mississauga 25.83
Harry Colt (1912)
2005 ranking: 14
15. London Hunt and CC, London 25.22
Robert Trent Jones (1960)
2005 ranking: 11

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  • Seems like the list is off in a few places

    Angus Glen south is way too low, Taboo is way too high -25/30. I would argue that Magna is too high and that Angus Glen south is better overall than Magna and they can almost be flipped spots. I enjoyed Bigwin Island, but it seems too high a ranking and at best is 15th.

    I’ve never played Seguin Valley, but at best heard mixed reviews- hard to imagine it makes the top 50.

  • I like Angus where it is – I still think it’s generous.

    I think the panel got it about right – however, I’d like to see a little more weight given to “tradition” or “pedigree”. Newer courses seem ranked far too high – newness should work against, not for a course’s ranking. Some courses seem better the more you play them – there are subtleties you don’t appreciate the first few times around – and some seem worse. There are some courses that you can only play one way – turn off your brain and hit it.

    A good example of this is Lionhead Legends (yeah it’s worse)

  • How does Seguin Valley crack the top 50 in Ontario!!!!

    I have never played Seguin Valley, but based on the other reviews I have read and the layout I would strongly believe there are better courses out there then that.

    Did the darn place not close up shop again for having such a lack of play? Guess that what makes a top 50 course.

  • This is a waste of time.

    Why not a top 50 paintings of all time. Top 50 novels. Top 50 pieces of music. Top 50 haircuts. Top 50 sidewalks. Top 50 hamburgers. Top 50 television shows. Top 50 roads. Top 50 women. Top 50 bunkers. Top 50 golf writers…..blah blah blah..

  • Every ranking will have head scratchers. And OG’s has gotten better through the years. But the biggest “I don’t get it” has to be Beacon Hall. Perennially ranked in the Top 5 among Canadian publications – and even garnering International recognition through the likes of Golf Digest – Beacon Hall continues to be heavily favored among panelists that participate in such evaluations. While it is a very good golf course – and certainly an even better club – there is no way it is Top 5 in Ontario let alone Top 5 in Canada.

    Coppinwood is also WAY too high. An awesome facility, with a kick ass club house, complimented by the best golf course possible given the impossible land Fazio was given. But Top 10 it is not. And Brantford ahead of Glen Abbey and St. Thomas??? I’ve been the biggest Glen Abbey basher in the past but Brantford, come on.

    The National is the best, I don’t care what Lorne thinks about the changes to 16. Muskoka Bay and The Ridge at Manitou are that good, with Muskoka getting a slight node because of The Ridge’s repetitious par 3’s. Although I’d love to be a member at The Ridge were it not so far away. And the more I think about Eagle’s Nest might deserve a higher ranking. It is perhaps the best new course in Ontario since the likes of Osprey Valley Heathlands or National Pines.

  • When I look at the panalists’ who gave score to each course, Coppinwood seems to have the least number of panal members who actually played there.(only 21 out of 50)

    I played both National and Coppinwood a number of times, and I can only conclude Coppinwood seems far interesting and better course with better conditioning. As times go by, it can only become better and better known and its ranking to go higher…even though National is undoubtedly very difficult course and excellent layout with lot of monies being pumped into it to make it the best in Canada (which I am not sure they are getting the moneys’ worth..)

    Frankly speaking, both St. Georges and Hamilton are regarded too high.

  • Played Brantford once again this spring after a tree clearing program and bunker resoration that continues and it’s only getting better. Would play there any day over Glen Abbey.

  • Brent: There was no “restoration” at Brantford. It was a renovation, plain and simple. And I’d love someone to detail to me how Brantford is better than Glen Abbey. Brantford starts with two weak holes and has one par five that plays like a long four up a hill. There are some fine holes in between, but better than Glen Abbey? Come on.

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