My second Canadian Open by Mason age 9

I went to the Canadian Open again this year. I went last year when it was in Hamilton and I had lots of fun so Steve took me again this year.

It was nice because the golf course was closer to our house so we didn`t have to drive from an hour to get there. When we went in through the gates, a man gave me a keychain (lanyard) with a clear pouch on it. Steve ripped Jim Furyk`s picture off of the pairing sheet and made it look like a pass for me.

We wnet to the driving range where all of the players were getting ready to play. We watched Vijay Singh hit balls for a little while. There were tons of people standing around watching him. He took divots out of the ground that formed a straight line.

After we walked across the 18th fairway of the North Course that they weren`t using for the tournament. We went through a forest and game out at the ninth hole where we sat and watched a few players try to putt for a hole in three. Afterwards we bought popsicles and walked to the 5th hole to follow a group around. We watched Frank Lickliter play until we got to the green and then we watched the cows in the field. When they mooed they sounded like cow machines. It was pretty funny because they always mooed when a golfer was going to hit the ball.

Last year we got lots of Extra gum and I wanted to get some this year too. We had to walk back to the clubhouse where they were having a Putt for a Million contest and giving out gum. I didn`t sink my putt but neither did Steve. After we sat by the 18th green and watched players finish their rounds while we chewed gum.

Oh yeah. The night before, Steve and I played Tiger Woods PGA 07 on our Wii. I was Tiger Woods and Steve was Jim Furyk. He won. When we were at the Canadian Open we saw the two guys that talk on the video game (David Feherty and Jim McCord).

It was time to eat so we headed back to the course but before we went there we saw some army stuff. I got another keychain (lanyard) from a soldier at a helicopter and I climbed into a tank.

We bought hot dogs and drinks and sat in the stands at the 16th hole to eat them. It was so hot that I started sweating under my arms.

After that we walked all of the way to the 11th green where we saw a guy make a hole in two! We sat in the stands by the 14th green and watched Spiderman get a hole in two. It was pretty exciting. I`d like to see someone get a hole in one once. From where we were we could see players come to the 11th hole and tee of at 12. They were great seats. We watched Jim Furyk and then we watched Vijay Singh play.

We decided that we should go soon so we followed Spiderman all the way from the tee to the green at 15. He hit the ball a mile but then he ended up in he sand. He almost got a hole in four which would have been good. The guy he was playing with (Bo Van Pelt) almost got a hole in three though which would have been better.

Before we left we putted again and I did better and Steve took a handful of gum. And Steve bought me a new hat and a golf towel. The hat has a magnet on it so that I can put a ball marker on it. I had lots of fun at the Canadian Open. I hope we can go again next year.

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