Mike Weir on Pres Cup?

Mike Weir’s Top 10 (actually a T8) in the British yesterday will surely improve his standings and his play in recent weeks would make him appear to be a good Presidents Cup pick. Of course Richard Green is ahead of him and also moved up.

What’s the thoughts of G4G readers?

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  • Mike was always a lock to play. He is the main reason Canada was even considered to host this event.
    No offence to Stephen Ames but, the paying Canadian public wants to see Mike Weir !

  • He did improve in the standings, but not as much as one would expect – he only gained one spot to 17th and Ames is now 18th, dropping 3 spots from 15th. I have to think that his solid play in the last two events will help his justification as a captain’s pick if that is what happens – his next 3 events, though, will say a lot about that (Canadian Open, WGC event, and the PGA Championship). If he continues to play solid then Player won’t have to come up with good answers on why he has picked him. At this point it doesn’t look like he will get into the top 10 for automatic qualification.

    I believe Player has said that anyone who wins a major this year is one of his picks – what could have been for Andres Romero.

  • With the Cup being in Canada this year, Player (although he wouldn’t admit it) has to have at least one Canadian on the team. The President’s Cup has never been played internationally without a player from that country on the team, and the Canadian public would not look to favourably on Player if he chose non-Canadians (if at least one didn’t make it on merit). Weir is inching closer to the top 10, but more importantly he is now ahead of Ames on the list, so it would be unlikely that Player would bypass Weir for Ames. Realistically, why wouldn’t Player pick Weir with his experience in the Cup, solid record and rising in the rankings? Hardly anyone outside the top 10 ahead of Weir has any Cup experience.

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