the GULLIKSON brothers

In the late 1980s I was working an IBM Golden Circle event and one of the keen corporate VPs (Larry Detweiler) sitting at our registration desk (he was a tennis player and couldn’t figure out why the activity sign up was 98% golf, 2% tennis). He related to me how in the morning he had “almost beaten” the pro, Gullikson. He went on and on talking about how close their match had been, “maybe tomorrow I’ll beat him”.

At lunch I told Tom Gullikson what he had said. “Gary, I put every return right on his racquet, he barely had to move”. As we finished Tom told me to check with the great IBMer after tomorrow’s match. “He might want to keep his day job”.

The next morning a very distressed Larry Detweiler showed up at the desk. “Larry, how was your match, did you wax him?”

“well, no, I played really badly. I didn’t return one serve, in fact I hardly touched the ball” Larry lamely lamented. “Not only that, that son-of-a-bitch Gullikson played me left handed!”

Then I meant to tell him that the Gulliksons were twins, Tom and Tim, one a rightie and one a leftie. Instead I signed him up for the golf clinic.

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