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Golf Digest has a good story about the latest Swing Doctors – Stack and Tilt, something that Mark Evershed has always been preaching based on The Golfing Machine. Dresses, aka Aaron Baddeley, is one of the latest disciples of the system and its two gurus Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett. So apparently is Mike Weir (nice to claim two superb proven golfers as devotees although both also call on a higher authority quite often). The new Swing whisperers have around 20 PGA TOUR players-mostly golfers a bit short on confidence and searching for the Answer. Sure worked well for the first 54 holes for Baddeley, he will rebound in the next event, although Seve Ballesteros has never come back after taking the original Stack and Tilt course from Mac O’Grady. I witnessed their meeting on the back of the range at TPC Scottsdale, felt sorry for the most natural golfer since Moe Norman. Why can’t great pros trust themselves, why do they have to have gurus? Lee Trevino’s answer to me when I asked him about Ben Kern – “great golfer but he’s working on a new swing every tournament. Came on the tour with a great game, be gone by fall”. At the time I heard that Trevino was helping Ben, but so was everyone else.

Best line at the US Open “There are some golfers who have psychologists, I Smoke” Angel Cabrerra, winner.

best coverage of the US OPEN – Geoff Shackleford’s Blog. other winner Oakmont GC, can you imagine how much fun that course would be without any rough? I think it would be almost as hard to score, but a lot more fun if it was like St.Andrews with little rough.

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  • Well Seve won only when he worked with Mac. Twice, he never won after they had a falling out.Then he went to Butch and Lead. Never won again.Get your story striaght….

  • DD
    Seve never won after going to Mac! I was there at TPC Scottsdale when they first got together, the real Sevie was already playing poorly but he never ever found HIS game again. Seve won before searching, not after.

  • I believe that Baddeley’s nickname is “Dresses” not “Dress” as in – Aaron “Dresses” Baddeley. Apparently dressing is not the only thing he does “Baddeley” on the Sunday of a US Open when he has the 54 hole lead.

  • There is a remarkable similarity between the mechanics of the Stack and Tilt and the method developed by Mike Austin many years ago.
    Mike was at odds with the PGA throughout his career and always insisted that the way the PGA taught golf was bio-mechanically incorrect.
    Mike for many years held the record for the longest drive in a USGA sanctioned event. Until the 2007 Remax Long drive season no one could claim to have broken it. He did this with a persimmon driver.

  • It would be interesting to the hear the comments, from all the so called inventors of the Stack and Tilt, on a golf instruction book written by Joe Norwood, circa 1935. He called his methodology golf-0-matics, it could be called stack and tilt.

  • It seems to me that the Stack and Tilt looks like a revised form of Jack Nicklaus’ swing with a little more lean to the left. When you look at the commercials for this the swings seem to be short and compact. I was wondering if any one has had a lesson from these two and is my observation correct.

  • If you want a true barometer of the success of this teaching method, just look at the ball striking stats of the tour pros who use the method. The stack and tilt player ball striking stats are atrocious. Most of them at not in the top 100 in driving accuracy or GIR, Mike Weir being among the worst.

    Any swing method that is based on a reverse pivot a is a recipe for disaster. The best ball strikers to play the game (Hogan, Nelson, Watson, Nicklaus, Woods, Faldo, Sutton, Strange, Snead, Knudson, Trevino, Norman and on and on) never swung the golf club like the stack and tilt. They all shift their weight to inside the right leg and shift it back to the left leg on the downswing. The Stack and Tilt will disappear like the Australian Natural Golf method espoused in Golf Digest in the early 90s (not to be confused with Moe’s Natural Golf methods).

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