Monty's All Fun and Skins Games

Today is the start of the Telus Skins Game at Lora Bay, a course I’m quite fond of.

The format is intriguing, not so much for what the golfers have been doing on the course (though Stephen Ames’ Top 10 at the U.S. Open was impressive), but for what has been happening off the course. First there was John Daly, whose golf game has disappeared. That doesn’t mean he’s been out of the spotlight though, especially with the allegations of a sexual assault against his wife making news last week.

There’s Retief Goosen, who certainly will be the life of the party, and the smart and sharp Geoff Ogilvy.

Oh, and then there’s Colin Montgomerie. The misunderstood Scot. The one who plays so well in Ryder Cups, but can’t hit the 18th with a 7-iron to win the U.S. Open. Anyway, the Scotsman offer a scathing piece on Monty, which makes him seem just right for the fun and frolick of a skins game exhibition. Writer Tom English had this to say about Mrs. Doubtfire’s antics at the U.S. Open:

What happened next was pathetic. It was an embarrassment. Monty folded. There are degrees of collapse at this US Open. There is the Padraig Harrington-type implosion, which was spectacular and which he talked about fully in a lengthy interview afterwards. And there is what Monty did, which needed no explanation, which was just as well because we weren’t going to get one even if it was required. His body language said it all. It screamed ‘get me out of here’ at every turn. It shouted ‘I’ve had enough’. It roared ‘I can’t handle this anymore’. He dropped shots at the 5th, the 6th, the 7th and the 9th. He took triple bogey on the 10th and followed it with two more bogeys on the 11th and 12th.

By now Monty was talking to nobody, not Clark or DiMarco, and certainly not Billy Goddard. What he was doing mostly was being sullen. He ignored his caddie, he marched off greens when his partners had not yet holed-out, he stared at the gallery, as if willing one of them to say something so he could have a go. But the galleries, when they could be bothered acknowledging him, did so with warmth, not abuse. This, in many ways, is a signal of Monty’s decline. Nobody heckles him any more. There’s no point.

It wasn’t easy watching him. He found the 10th fairway with his tee shot and walked straight to the edge of the ropes where Gaynor, his girlfriend, was waiting. An Irish journalist happened to be standing beside them, an uncomfortable witness to their conversation. “It’s such a shame,” Monty said to Gaynor. “It’s really, really upset me. It really, really has.”

The entire piece is worth a read. See it here.

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  • Should be quite a fun group! It’s competing with the CVS in Rhode Island. Great win for Angel, 7 of last 10 US Opens now gone to world players, what’s wrong with the guru team golf system?

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