Random Notes That Could Become Columns Pt. 5

Here’s some random notes for Wednesday:

  • Our latest Weekend Hacker is up. WH takes a slash at Oakridge and doesn’t like what he finds.
  • Unsung Hero, our anonymous super, talks about the crazy greens at Oakmont.
  • According to sources close to the situation, GolfNorth apparently paid $8.1 million for Mystic Golf Club. That’s $4 million more than ClubLink, and much higher than I would have anticipated. Tax loss anyone? See the debate about Mystic and its plans here.
  • Another source wrote me today to tell me Dundas Valley has apparently scuttled its so-called “Renaisance Plan” to restore the club at its clubhouse. You might remember the plan, which called for $9.25 million to be spent despite dropping membership numbers. A post about it is here. A G4G spy told me the following: “The news is that there was a special meeting at Dundas Valley last night, and the plans to carry out the Renaissance Plan are effectively on hold. In addition, one of the members asked the membership to support him in his request that the club only pursue the renaissance plan when two conditions are met – once the club raises 1/3 of the cost internally (thru membership fees and new members) and when the club reaches 90% of their budgeted membership target. Still not sure if the board approved this, but I do know that the members in attendance strongly approved this condition to the Renaisance Plan.” Interestingly, apparently the report done for the club where I found my numbers was not supposed to be public and was taken down soon after my blog on the subject.
  • Mike Weir “wrote” a column in this morning’s Globe. I say “wrote,” because the columns are ghost written by the Globe’s Mike Grange. I guess they are written by Weir in the same way his “home” course is Taboo. How often does he play there? Once a year? Gotta figure with Weir continuing to slump, that gig is up. Weir’s take? The course is fair: “Everybody’s been talking about how tough the course is, which is what you want at a U.S. Open, as long as it’s fair. I like the graduated-rough theory that the USGA is using, where if you miss the fairway just into the rough, it’s not as thick as when you miss it farther in. The penalty is proportional to the size of the error.” You can read Grange’s Weir’s take here.
  • Picking a winner for the U.S. Open? Don’t bet against someone like Luke Donald — who has five Top 10 finishes in 13 starts this year. He’s a mid length hitter who keeps it straight. Good at Oakmont. Similarly, once has to figure someone like Jim Furyk would play well at a course like Oakmont.

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  • RT:

    I know you think Mike Weir is past his prime and his putting is letting him down but his record at the US Open is not shabby. For a guy who supposedly is having putting issues and with the premium on putting in the US Open, his 3 top 10s in the last 4 years (two of them top 5) look OK to me. It is not a long shot to think Mike W. Could take a run at Oakmont.

  • After two rounds, Mike Weir is tied for 19th. Still lots of golf to be played in a crowded leaderboard but Mike has put himself in position to take a run on the weekend.

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