Daly's Ugly Adventures

So the John/Sherry Daly story is getting uglier and stranger by the [photopress:daly.jpg,full,alignright]moment. In a story in a Memphis newspaper, Sherry Daly described her take on what occured at their home that left Daly with scratches on his face:

She said Daly “spun out of control” during heavy drinking last Thursday, verbally assaulting a security guard at Southwind and breaking the security gate to get to their home on Windgarden.

She said she went to a neighbor’s house because he was screaming and cursing and that he later called her from the East End Grill at Winchester and Hacks Cross Road.

Sherrie Daly, 31, said she went to the restaurant to bring him home and “became involved in a minor altercation with (Daly) and his ‘groupies,'” who she said she scolded for encouraging him to drink alcohol.

She said that in the early morning hours Friday, she was awakened by a drunken Daly making sexually offensive gestures and remarks.

She said he then sexually assaulted her, causing unspecified injuries. She said she called 911 and then took their son and her 8-year-old son by a previous relationship to a neighbor’s house.

She then said Daly scratched himself to cover up the assault.

Why do golfers care about this? I don’t rightfully know — but I’d be very surprised to see Daly rebound from this one. His game is in the toilet, as is his personal life.

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  • There are 3 stories here. His story, her story and the real story.

    Don’t be too quick to sensationalize this and condemn JD.

  • Still the best golpher and colorful character I have ever followed in golf. John is giving golf the human element it needs , rather than the perfect, correct phony lives most proffesional golpher portray, John has taken golf and his career to a realistic level that no doubt most golphers cover up.

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