Mystic Saga Concludes with GolfNorth Acquiring Club

Late last week GolfNorth, the golf facility largely funded by RIM billionaire Jim Balsillie, completed its acquisition of Mystic Golf Club near Copetown, Ont. The club had been in receivership for several months after operating for one complete season.

GolfNorth has a description of the course here. Interesting take on the facility that differs strongly from mine:

The par-3s and par-5s at Mystic offer contrasting risks and rewards. And while nearly every par-4 is a dogleg and most involve elevation changes, no two holes are even remotely similar in distance or design, offering an unlimited assortment of shot-making decisions.

Unless, of course, you think holes with narrow fairways, that insist on an air game are similar…

There are no blind tee shots, no tricked-up holes. A lot of dirt was moved to make sure the layout was straight-forward, 3-thousand tons of Pro-Angle bunker sand was brought in from Ohio, and an expansive drainage and irrigation system ensures an extremely challenging round whenever youre ready to be tested.

Fascinating to see the notion that “a lot of dirt was moved” on a great site is a selling point. The price on this is now $85 and $95, including a cart. We’ll see if it flies with its second owner. I, for one, still think the price is too high and the course is largely unwalkable. I just don’t understand the sales pitch to the average golfer — will they care about pro-angle sand and drainage? And if you’ve seen the second hole at the club, you’ll know there’s still plenty of work to be done.

You can see an account of the Mystic saga here. My review of the design is here.

Sources told G4G that ClubLink offered $4.1 million for the club. It isn’t clear what GolfNorth paid for the property and the receiver has not returned emails about the sale.

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  • You’re right….too pricey for the area and totally unwalkable unless many bridges are built.

    Better suited to be a private club than a public club imo.

  • Troll. You think an unwalkable course is better suited to be private? I think that would be a first.

  • Didn’t mean it that way. I think that the forced carries suit a limited number of golfers and not the general public.

    No course should ever be unwalkable and carts should never be mandatory. 🙂

  • I played it today. (june 9th) I found it to be a great golf course for a good value. I am from the KW area and found it to be worth the drive. Some of the carries off the tee are far for the average player but I love the challenge. It was fairly busy out there today….I hope the rates don’t increase.

    The rates are posted at $85 and $95 but I purchased a Players Card and received 20 % off these fees. I noticed they have introduced a twilite rate of $65 as well after 2pm.


  • I played this course and I am glad that it was saved by a company that can finance any needs it may require. Although at first the Golf North properties golf courses seem to have taken a hit on the courses health, they seem to have them turning around now. The course is fun to play. If you cant take some forced carries or feel compelled to whine about a few forced carries it is perhaps more fitting to state that you suck as a golfer. This is a golfers golf course. It requires that you are able to make shots. I don’t know why golfers that are unable to make a few forced carries review golf courses. There is absolutely no carries that require a driver by what i would consider to be average.

    Wait.. i got an idea why dont I say the golf course sucks so I can walk on whenever I want a good challenge.

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