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Is he or is he not?

That was the question everyone was wondering when Love came to Angus Glen GC today to unveil the changes his team of designers made to the Doug Carrick/Jay Morrish layout. It was the second time Love had been on site — the first coming in 2004. He held a press conference with the RCGA and then entertained a group of corporate supporters of the Canadian Open on the range. He was amiable and friendly, as one might expect, and had a lot to say on the FedEx Cup, its relationship to the Canadian Open, and the issues facing the tour. Oh, and he slipped in a beauty on the range about Michelle Wie.

But the real questions was is he coming to play on the course he redesigned. The answer is “maybe.”

Among his comments — On the FedEx Cup:[photopress:loveswings.jpg,full,alignright]

It is going to do all the things it was meant to do. Now were going to see this happen “ just like Nascar, or when they added another round of the playoffs to Major League Baseball, or as youre now seeing in hockey. When it comes to playoff time, you might have to change your strategy. Youre going to see a lot of players doing a lot of things, including playing a lot of tournaments in a row.

On playing in the Canadian Open, Love said he was an “official maybe.” He added:

The answer is now that whether I want to play a lot after the British Open or not, Im going to have to. Ive kind of boxed my way into that position. The tournaments I thought I was going to skip, now I might have to play. Ive been an official maybe all year. But now Im like the Yankees “ Ive got to start winning.

And yes, there was a lot of baseball talk. He had this to say about the design on the course prior to his revisions:

We dont mind a blind shot every so often, but there were a lot of tee angles and tee shots where you didnt no where to go. And there were some big wide fairways where you didnt know where to go.

He added that with the improvements, the course was now, well, world class:

I rode around here today and played Oakmont yesterday and it is the same kind of wide open Scottish links-style look, he said. It is a bold and exciting looking golf course and it will be fun to play.

Oh, and after he hit balls on the range he went on to say Michelle Wie shouldn’t be playing in men’s events, that it really didn’t make any sense. He said she’s remarkably talented, but she can’t compete.


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  • Get off this topic. Who cares if Love plays or not? The event won’t be any different whether or not he plays. Don’t you have anything to write about?

  • Love probably will only show up if he misses the cut at the British Open – but he can’t come out and say it.

    Isn’t the course redesign fee an ‘appearance fee’?

  • Get Off This Topic: What should I write about then? Got any great suggestions? And I think his comments on the FedEx are intriguing.

    If you don’t like what you’re reading, feel free to bugger off.


  • Robert….
    You proved my point. You are devoid of ideas, and have to keep fillling the paper/blog, regardless of whether your writing is relevant. You guys are in the volume business not the quality business. That is why media write about junk constantly.

  • Oh, Get Off, or Proves My, I don’t think you have a clue what you are speaking of, especially if you can’t suggest a single thing you’d like to see.

    I’m not going to defend my relevency to a person who doesn’t even use their own name.

  • I’ve always liked Love’s swing. It’s hard to believe he has only won a single major. Been in the hunt so many times. Just couldn’t quite finish. It’s been the putter, I suppose.

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