New National Post Column: Wie's Star Fading Fast

My latest National Post column is online here, though I can’t say I’m [photopress:wie_1_2_3.jpg,full,alignright]thrilled that some editor took out the word “obfuscate” in reference to Wie’s new tendency to either deny previous remarks or say “she can’t recall.” I can’t always remember the groceries, but I’ve got 19 years on the poor girl. At this rate she’ll have no memory by the time she hits 36!

Here’s a taste:

It is official: Michelle Wie, the remarkably talented teen golfing sensation, and her handlers have lost the plot.

Once heralded as the female version of Tiger Woods, it now appears she is headed for obscurity if her career isn’t righted by someone with a vision for her future. Wie’s career doesn’t appear to be one designed for longevity –it looks like one created to satisfy sponsors and television, regardless of the consequences on her game or her psyche.

The latest chapter in the increasingly ugly saga occurred on Thursday at the Ginn Classic when the teen pulled out of the tournament 16 holes into her round in which she had shot 14-over par.

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  • and she made more money than Ben Hogan!
    she might actually have peaked at aged 15!
    This same phenomena used to happen only in boxing, all the remoras have switched to golf.
    She should fire her parents, her agency (Ford?), her Leadbeater association, attend Stanford, and at 21 become the player that we all expected her to be. And go back to her original coach in Hawaii.
    Maybe with a stop in Edmonton (tell her about the Mall).

  • Michelle is not at fault. She is just a kid. Her parents and handlers should be held responsible. I feel very badly for her. There is nothing worse than a mismanaged talent.

    I hope Michelle can find some sanity in her team, for her sake.

  • She is a good golfer (I’m not breaking par too often myself) *AND* unfortunately, dare I say, “hot”.. if she were to “win”, Nike would market her for millions (sorry… billions)…. talk about pressure… all this after high school..

    Life is tough enough..

  • Let me know next time bad parenting, mis-management and bad decision net your 20M USD per year…

    If that is bad, I want some…

  • I hope she finds her way back. I watch very little of the LPGA unless Michelle Wie is in the field. Perhaps I am in the minority but she is probably the only female player in the world capable of selling tickets.

    It is interesting that Natalie Gulbis continues to accomplish little other than increasing the size of her shirts yet there is very little criticism of her professional resume. Michelle Wie has outplayed Natalie Gulbis in almost every event in which the two have been entered yet Michelle is roundly criticized and Natalie praised. Why do people derive such pleasure from the failure of a teenage girl? Leave her alone and let her play.

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