The Passing of Stu Schneider

It was some sadness that I read on Geoff Shackelford’s blog about the death of Stu Schneider. Though I didn’t know Schneider well — and we never met in person — Schneider had a big hand in turning me into a golf writer.

In 1998 I approached the Golfweb, the site Stu helped found, about doing some writing for them. I pitched along a piece on an amputee golfer that I’d written. It was among the first golf features I’d attempted. Long before any magazine in Canada would touch me or even return my calls, Schneider took a chance and asked me to write regularly for the site. I did exactly that, following my interest in writing about golf while continuing to work at a computer magazine and later the National Post.

I wouldn’t work with Stu for long. Following the September, 1999 takeover of Golfweb by the PGA Tour, Stu was asked to leave. There’s a pretty good account of the matter here in the American Review of Journalism.

I continued to write for what became, but the site never really had that much interest in the material I wrote. In 2003 a more ambitious editor tried to take the site in a new direction; he lasted a few months. In 2004 I filed my final column for the site.

By that time I was covering golf for the Post, writing a column, and working for OG, Golf Canada and Score. A owe a lot of that to Stu.


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