New National Post Column: PGA Tour Shows Major Impatience

My regular Thursday National Post column is now posted online. Here’s a taste:

Robert Thompson – On Golf

Is it or isn’t it?

Perhaps Jim Furyk’s response to the question of whether the Players Championship is golf ‘s fifth major is most representative of the thoughts of many.

“I don’t care if it’s a major or it isn’t,” the winner of the U.S. Open and last year’s Canadian Open explained to reporters yesterday. “I’ve gotten so tired of that question: ‘Is this a major, is it not a major? My answer was simply: ‘Does it matter?’
It seems to matter the bureaucrats that run the PGA Tour, who have gone to some lengths to portray the event as golf ‘s “fifth” major. The golfers that support the notion talk about the field being stronger than any of the majors, comments that could have been plucked straight from PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem’s playbook. And the idea is dragged out for display every year.

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  • The field is the toughest, the course is the toughest test of modern golf design(air ball), it gives the best rewards to the winner – the only people talking about Majors are the drive by media and announcers. Ask Colin Montgomery about majors. “aren’t they career army officers?”

    WHO created the term “major” related to tournaments? Mark McCormack. Arnie made the OPen a “major” by playing in it. Sandra Post won the Dinah Shore twice but to her the LPGA was the major win. I’d love never to hear the word in association with a golf tournament, ever.

  • It is really the media idiots that keep asking the question over and over. You guys just can’t help yourselves. You have to fill a column each day or a blog, so you make news where there is none. I can’t blame the players because they just answer the media’s stupid questions each week. Have you ever met Finchem? I have. He is not a bureacrat, but I will say that you are an idiot.

  • Love the anger. There’s people who can help you with that.

    By the way, it is bureaucrat, and yes, I have met Tim Finchem.

  • Yes, they’re trying to brainwash people into believing “The Players” is a major. The ad on the Golf Channel shows Tom Kite winning in 1989, and the narrative is that this happened before Kite had won any “other” majors!

    3 out of 4 majors are already held in the USA – isn’t that enough?

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