Random Notes that Could Become Columns Pt. 4

– Spent part of the morning speaking with Martin Hawtree, the [photopress:second_1.jpg,full,alignright]designer behind Tarandowah, the new course in Southern Ontario. It was an interesting conversation that focused on his design ideas, especially in relation to bunkering and green contours. As I’ve said before, I think Tarandowah is pretty unique to the area, largely because it avoids most the design cliches we see all too often, like mounding on the outsides of the fairways. His philosophy on random bunkering was also intriguing — “I want to refresh people’s thoughts on what golf is by using more random bunkering, as opposed to strategic bunkering.” Look for more of this in an upcoming Score column. Hawtree is also working at Toronto Golf Club, the fine club designed by Harry Colt. He said he had no “wish or ambition to take the course back to Colt’s day,” but that he did want to breathe a little bit more Colt style back into the course, especially the bunkering. Could Hamilton, another great Colt design, be next?

– I must admit I’m digging my TaylorMade Burner driver. It took a little getting used to — but I have a higher ball flight with it and am hitting it a long, long way. I hit three drives over three bills at Eagles Nest yesterday, which was a lot of fun. Nothing like hitting a sand wedge into the third hole. My close associate, Fairway Stevie, hit the Callaway Ft-i and hit all 14 fairways. Both clubs are all about MOI — expect to see full reviews in the next week.

– Spent yesterday at Eagles Nest. The course was in terrific shape, with the greens rolling particularly well. By the sounds of it, most Ontario courses are tip top.

– The RCGA yesterday announced the 407 toll highway as a sponsor of the Canadian Open. I just want to know whether media will be able to use the highway for free as a means of getting back and forth from Angus Glen at this summer’s Canadian Open in July.

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  • Just because the media free loads everywhere (free food, free tickets, free parking, etc etc) and then you crap on the event, why should the 407 give you free passes? I would think the 407 folks shouldn’t even let you use the highway, even if you guys paid for it. HAVE YOU GUYS ANY SCRUBBLES?

  • Hey Guest, you should see what the media get for covering the Hooters tour. (In addition to the free scrubbles, I mean)

  • Guy, that was really funny.

    Why do people get so pissed at the media for getting free stuff, is it simply that they are upset that they don’t or is there solid logic behind it? I guess people like guest, assume the media make loads of money, plus get comp’d for everything. Maybe guest should enrol in journalism school and get a job for Golf Digest – that way he for sure could get to cover Eunuch open.

  • You should see the people that work in radio……I knew a guy that outfitted his entire wardrobe with free giveaway stuff (shirts, sweaters, jackets, and even jeans) if they had a sponsor for underwear…he would wear that and nothing else…

    Where else can you go on air, say you love pizza, the get a few pies delivered for free, just to mention “Jimmy at Guido’s makes the best pizza”…


    Love the greens, service and entire experience at Bond Head…..send free rounds to me at……

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