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I have long been a proponent of “original.” Nothing irks me more than hearing a radio ad for a golf course that starts with an announcer with a faux Scottish accent describing lush fairways and lightening greens followed by the thwap of a club against and ball and the sound of the ball sinking into the cup. These ads are cookie cutter. They are usually written by the “creative” team at the radio station without any input from the course and come with a bill attached.

If you want your course to stand out from the crowd you need to focus on what makes your property unique, what value the customer gets and delivering your message in an original way.

Club Link has the benefit of the diversity of play with their 40 membership courses. They exploit that advantage with an original voice and an original message that stands apart from the competition. Their message is, simply, why play the same course over and over when you can challenge yourself on a regular basis.

The Club at Bond Head has recently started a new radio campaign that makes the course sound exciting, loaded with additional value and, dare I say, affordable to the average golfer. Now, many of you probably know that Bond head is out of reach for most average golfers but the ads are voiced by a guy that sounds like any one of us helping us imagine that this very special golf experience is within our reach.

Advertising on radio is not cheap. It doesn’t pay to just be there. You must be get your message across effectively. The price of a good campaign is priceless.

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