Gear Review: 2007 Bridgestone West Coast Wedge

Target Player
Professionals and mid handicap amateurs.
Loft Lie Length S/W Bounce
52° 64° 35.5″ D4 9.5°
54° 64° 35.25″ D4 11.5°
56° 64° 35.25″ D4 12°
60° 64° 35″ D5 10.5°
The Bridgestone Golf WC Design Wedges will feature a suggested retail price of $119 US.

What they say:
West Coast Design Wedges (WC Design Wedges), engineered specifically with input from TOUR players like Stuart Appleby, who won twice with prototype versions of the WC Design Wedges in 2006 at the Mercedes Championships and Shell Houston Open.
Through Bridgestone Golf’s proprietary C.A.D. design process, the WC Design wedges offer unrivaled precision shaping, replicating that of many hand-ground TOUR-level wedges. Using this C.A.D. process Bridgestone Golf has created Variable Bounce Technology. VBT is incorporated into all the wedges in the WC Design series. The VBT sole is created with less bounce on the heel and toe of the wedges, providing more versatility for opened and closed face shots, and additional relief from difficult lies.

Bridgestones WC Design Wedges all undergo a precision milling process that cuts more consistently shaped and spaced U-Grooves. The Milled U-Grooves produce higher and more consistent backspin from all varieties of lies and turf conditions. The Bridgestone WC Design Wedges are constructed of 8620 carbon steel and offer a softer, yet more solid feel at impact.

“The new WC Design Wedges are suited for a wide variety of players,” said Mike Moxie, Golf Club Marketing Manager, Bridgestone Golf, Inc. “These wedges are great because the technologies are ones that not only TOUR pros like Stuart Appleby utilize, they also help improve the finesse shots of mid-handicappers.”

The WC Design Wedges are available in 52-degrees, 54-degrees, 56-degrees and 60-degrees of loft and come standard with True Temper® Dynamic Gold® Wedge Shafts. The clubs also feature Golf Pride® Tour Velvet grips. Custom options for grips and shafts are available.

What we say:
You never get a second chance at a first impression and the Bridgestone WC wedge I tested made a great impression.

First things first. The WC wedge looks exactly like the Cleveland series of wedges. From the Golf Pride grip to the shape of the club face and bounce of the club the only thing that visually distinguishes one from another are the two lines that circle Clevelands hosel cover. There are no such lines on the Bridgestone. Point one, the club does (as advertised above) look like it was designed after the types of clubs tour professionals play.

Second things second. The West Coast wedge has beautiful weight to it. With a nice easy swing it simply drops into place providing you with an easy arc.

After hit a variety of shots on the range I put a 56° sand wedge in my bag and headed out for a round of golf at Royal Ashburn this weekend. The first time the club had to come out was for a 25 yard sand shot. The geometry of the clubface made it easy to set the clubface at the appropriate angle and the aforementioned club eight led to a confident swing that landed the ball within six feet of the pin for an easy up and down.

The next play came off a tight lie in front of the 15th green. The shot was a forty yard pitch and once again it was easy to find an appropriate angle to address the ball with the club face and the ball flew the forty yards I needed it to (although my swing mechanics let the club down sending too far to the left, leaving a long first putt).

On the final hole my second shot landed in a greenside bunker with a short-sided pin position. I opened up the clubface and swung easily, popping the ball up in the air and having it land softly with a roll to about nine feet. In retrospect I probably could have opened the club face a little more and ended up closer to the pin.

The point of all of these examples is that as an average player (10 handicap), the Bridgestone WC wedge gave me the confidence to hit what ever shot I needed to in that situation.

Rating: ****

* Don’t bother
** If you really need this, go ahead but we warned you
*** You will neither be disappointed or thrilled
****This should be one of your final choices and you will happy you spent the money
*****Buy this now!!!

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