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Sorry to alarm anyone about the Ontario Open, but today I received information about the TELUS SKINS GAME June 18 and 19 at the Raven Golf Club at Lora Bay. The dates seemed to make me think that was around the dates all the pros and amateur golfers in Ontario would have their games sharpened to play in the Ontario Open, the first big tournament of the year, worth practicing for! Used to be the chance for young pros and amateurs to beat Cowan and Weslock, Knudson, Kern, Panasiuk, Cox, Balding, Whibley and sometimes even a few US players, like Quigley, Elliott.

Alas, no more Ontario Open. Instead 5 (why five, don’t they know five doesn’t work in golf) overseas players will play for $360,000 in prize money (and maybe an equal amount of incentive money). Ames will fill in for a Canadian.

As I read further in the information it is noted that the Skins Game has raised $750,000 for a wide variety of Canada’s youth. Why not donate some of it to have an Ontario Open, or a Canadian PGA? Qualifying for the Ontario Open was always a great motivator early in the Ontario season, going to watch five Pros for $75.00 a ticket just doesn’t seem as much fun.

Is the Queen’s Plate still the same weekend? At least you have a chance to double your money.

my information came from an excellent golf industry source:

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