Zach Johnson on the Benefits of Stardom

This morning a Q&A was held with Masters winner Zach Johnson. Lots of talk about how he’s from Iowa and it is snowing there. But the best question was about his appearance on Letterman and how he apparently has a thing for Halle Berry. Oh, and apparently he actually like Barack Obama, unusual considering 99.9% of all PGA Tour players not named David Duval are apparently Republicans.

Q. I was kind of surprised by on the Letterman show that the only thing they let you do is get up there and give your Top 10 why I won The Masters thing. Was that what you were expecting? Was that okay with you? And the other thing is what conversation did you have with Obama and Halle Berry?
ZACH JOHNSON: Good questions. Was that what I wanted or perceived?

Q. Were you surprised?
ZACH JOHNSON: No, I wasn’t surprised, and I am very, very thankful that it was only that (laughter).
I don’t particularly care for the limelight at all, and then you throw in the fact that it was Obama and Halle Berry. I’m certainly third I’m probably fourth. I don’t know who third is. That’s fine (laughter).
Senator Obama came up to my dressing room or whatever room you call it there and introduced himself, said he was a huge fan, and we chatted briefly, which was really, really cool. Very nice man, very young. Gosh, he’s only in his 40s. Very nice, very well spoken, and evidently loves golf. So pretty cool.
Ms. Berry, met her on a couple of occasions, the next morning, as well, and my wife and I we’re huge movie buffs. She’s a pop culture freak. She was extremely sweet. Evidently she and her significant other are into golf, too, so that was a conversation piece.

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