Canada’s Dunning Golf wins at the Masters!

You might have noticed that Zach Johnson, Masters winner, is a logod man. The sides of his hat suggests that he plays Titleist clubs and wears Footjoy shoes. The front of his hat promotes Aegon Insurance and during the Butler Cabin ceremony he thanked Transamerica whose logo he wears on his chest. But you didnt have to look closely to see the name on his sleeves “ DUNNING. Yes, that Dunning! A Canadian company through and through. Ralph Dunning has been designing golf clothes as high performance gear for a few years and now the company can celebrate a major win!

I have long boasted that Dunning respects golfers as athletes and builds their clothing line with improved playability in mind. This past weekends conditions were some of the harshest golfers have had to experience at Augusta with the wind and the cold but Zach Johnson was prepared for the elements.

Of course we are absolutely thrilled for Zach, says Ralph Dunning. I literally couldnt fall asleep last night. We have always been proud to count Zach as one of the Dunning staff players. That he was wearing our high performance system from head to toe was proof that dressing properly for the sport can help a golfers game on the course.

The system Ralph is referring to is the layers that Johnson wore featuring Dunnings proprietary materials. While other golfers kept having to take layers off and then put them on again as Augustas conditions changed throughout the day, Johnson stayed cool by wearing a Interface compression long sleeve shirt under a Interface FX polo covered by a Pro Stretch vest. Each layer is made from a light weight material that helps keep the golfers body temperature constant by wicking away moisture from the body. The compression shirt itself is designed to help lessen the golfers muscle fatigue.

As a result of Johnsons win at the Masters Dunning says that his phone has been ringing off the hook. Its great that more people have become aware of our company this weekend. But, what Im most proud of, he continues, Is that were a Canadian company that hasnt had to take our R&D or manufacturing off-shore to succeed. Were doing this on our terms.

Indeed, Ralph Dunning made a decision early on to keep all aspects of his business in Canada and he has now proven that a Canadian company can compete with the likes of Nike and Adidas and win!

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