Masters Extra — Why Not on Canwest?

Lots of discussion about the lack of video streaming extras for the weekend coverage on the Masters on Canwest Global (and yes, before someone says it, I do write for the National Post, and yes, it is owned by Canwest. But I don’t do their programming.) The Thursday and Friday coverage was run by TSN, but Global has the rights to the weekend.

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to watch the extra coverage online in Canada, even though Tiger is playing now. How shortsighted is this? Remarkably so, especially when you consider Canadians by capita use more broadband Internet than almost anywhere in the world. This would have been a perfect opportunity for Canwest to show what they can do on the Internet side, but apparently they can’t be bothered.

In case you want to watch round two highlights, well then tune to Canwest here. If you are Canadian and want to watch the Masters Extra additional broadband coverage, well, you are apparently out of luck.

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  • Well, now that the TV broadcast is on, we may have not missed much. CBS is already pronouncing Woods as the winner. .. they may as well just send everyone home and give him the jacket tonight, according to the CBS crew. It is like watching an episode of “Playing Lessons From The Pros” on TGC with a few other player highlights thrown in, or an updated edition of th eold “Challenge Golf” show, with Woods against the field. They are overplaying the Woods angle so much its sickening. Give it a rest, CBS!

  • Nice to see that Global has also butchered the HD coverage as well. The difference in quality from yesterday on TSN to Global today is about the same as the difference in Tigers golf game and mine. It is disappointing to say the least.

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