Amen Corner BS

Tried to tune into to watch “Live at Amen Corner,” only to be told “This stream is not available in your area. Please choose another to enjoy.”

What is this crap? So Canadians can’t watch live, but when I click on “Driving Range,” I have no problem. Now who wants to actually watch the driving range and why would it allow me to watch it but not the other feature?

Come on G4G readers — help me out with this one. Anyone got it to work?

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  • I’m with you Robert. I wonder what area gets the Amen Corner coverage. BTW, I’m sick of Weeks and Nelford babbling on about Mike Weir and all the pressure he’s under. It’s those guys that put the pressure on him….the pressure of an entire nation…yeah right!

  • I got rejected at also, but went to and it worked fine. I was amazed that when I made it full-screen it remained pretty clear and detailed. This also worked for Masters Extra, which is regular CBS coverage of the tournament that comes on an hour early. Which raises the question I was tempted to send to Billy Payne and Joe Ford of Augusta National: why? Why put coverage on the web but not on-air? I’m sure USA network would jump at the chance for an extra hour of airtime. The production costs would be the same. I just don’t understand the rationale.

  • It does not work at CBS either. But they are nice enough to make sure you hear the adds first. What a complete joke. The folks at Augusta dont really understand the web as if they try this stunt next year there will be mirror sites available. The coverage of the masters has always been pathetic and with this latest insult to Canadian golfing fans I say to hell with them.

  • Yes, today they seem to have closed the hole at cbs sportsline that let me watch yesterday. It is available on TSN but like most things on TSN the presentation isn’t as good. You can’t make it fullscreen and they have auto-refresh on the ads at the bottom of the screen that gives an annoying click every time it changes.

  • So its Saturday and I can’t find any Canadian site who will show Amen Corner on the net..not even TSN and I agree to hell with the Masters Org I intend to let advertisers know Exclude Canadians …fine…I won’t buy your products…eventhough the Masters is self supportive financially I will find a way to let them know…even if it means no longer watching the PGATOUR…

  • TSN provided live from Amen corner Thursday and Friday because they had the TV rights in Canada. Canwest Global has the rights on the weekend. But did not make the online coverage from Amen corner available through their Masters online coverage (through

    Why they didn’t I don’t know. They don’t go to air until 3:30. Sounds pretty short sided to me.

  • I can’t beleiv how cheap TSN is. They have rights yet they are a joke. CBS worked fine Thursday but I guess TSN got ticked off and they shut it down. JOKE!

  • I agree but I am just wondering if it is the Masters Tournament or CBS. I think it is TSN has somehow aquired the rights and then not showing Canadians any respect. It would be nice if someone with some pull could find out and then publish the answer so all Canadian golf fans would know just who is to blame.
    But just to let you know, when it was on, you could click on the video and get full screen. Use Esc to get out of full screen

  • It is not TSN’s fault. You can only blame Canwest, they have the broadcast rights, including online, for the weekend, not TSN.

  • Ahhh… so it comes down to “Global’s Got It!” ..does it? Those 3 words guarantee you will have a bad day of whatever they are televising. The worst.. so not really a surprise.

  • You guys should all pack up and move south to the U.S. Sure, you’ll have to put up with being governed by morons, you’ll have to pays out the wazoo for health care, and every other person on the street will be carrying a concealed weapon … but at least you’ll get to watch Amen Corner Live! 🙂

  • Hi Jessica,

    It will run for about 50 seconds, then it will crap out on you and say there is no feed from augusta. You will have to go back to the main web page and run the player again and again and again every 50 seconds or so. Whoever set this up is a real technical genius.

  • Stephen, – Thanks I will try that. is run by: Graham Sanborn Media
    Ltd., Tel: (416) 690-0142

    for anyone who may be interested in letting them know their feed isn’t working properly.

  • Should be happy in a few minutes Bridgestone. I just lucked out when I found this option a half hour ago. Now I am in my glory prior to the tv coverage. I can watch Amen corner and 15&16 coverage simultaneously or one of the two in full screen. The only downside on Amen Corner is listening to Bobby Clampett, but that is why we have a mute button. 🙂

  • Stephen,

    Thank you very much for posting this link for us. Hopefully they don’t cut off us Canadians eh.


  • Graham Sanborn Media is trying to blame IBM in the US on their voicemail message. Although the problems that were there yesterday are still there today, even more so – I can get about 20 seconds at a time. Also, given that itself was down for a while *and* there’s no explanation of the problem nor written blame on IBM, I suspect it’s Graham Sanborn Media that’s screwing things up.

    I hope they lose the contract next year and I hope that Carlson’s clients notably Acura and Titleist refuse to pay their ad bills. What a 2-bit operation…

  • this is TOTALLY unacceptable!!!! why give the right to a company that can’t get it done??? Yesterday morning they blamed IBM, and now can’t even get to the site (Server Busy). This is ridiculous.

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