National Post Golf Magazine Online — Top 25 Powerbrokers in Canadian Golf

The National Post’s golf magazine came with the paper today. I contributed several articles, including one on Chris Baryla, another on the Mystic saga (I might have actually written too much on this subject lately), and I contributed to the Top 25 list of powerbrokers in Canadian golf.

The TOP 25 is particularly interesting and debate worthy.

The Top 5 are: 1) New RCGA exec director

2) Mike Weir

3) Stephen Bebis, CEO, GolfTown

4) Henry Brunton and Doug Roxburgh, RCGA National Team

5) Bob Weeks, Score magazine

Love to hear feedback on people’s thoughts on the list.

The entire magazine can be found here.

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  • Very interesting reading! I’m too far from Canada to know if the 25 on the list are the right ones, I do know that powerbroker is not in my Scrabble dictionary, nor my Webster dictionary.

    I think some on the list are able to influence golf in Canada (brokers), some are just big in the golf industry (power).

    IMHO you Robert Thompson, and Lorne Rubenstein can have far more influence than Mike Weir or Steven Ames. They need you to keep them elevated. Clublink of course influences the Canadian golf scene (negatively), Rick Janes with Dan Halderson can become more influencial with a Canadian Tour, but success will mean someone buys it (IMG).

    The #1 spot, RCGA executive Director, should have influence but doesn’t. IMG will eventually run all major golf and tennis events worldwide – if you want a tourney, you’ll call IMG, sadly it doubles or triples the amount a sponsor has to anty up, eliminating the small parties (like Bell).

    That one statement by a dead President is so true, “You can get a lot more accomplished when you don’t care who gets the credit”.

    The RCGA, CPGA, CCCSA and the provincial associations all can have more influence but instead it’s private concerns like CJGA , or individuals from the Associations that lead the way.

  • I meant to say Bob Weeks is also in the position to influence as are you and Lorne, but you and Lorne also get to “talk” to the non-golfer as well, only golfers can find Bob and they already are in the “loop” sort of. Sandra Post also has a great influence, her circle is considerable, Canada and US!

  • One glaring ommision in the ‘media’ entry is you. While Mr.Rubestein and Mr.Weeks are more well known nationally (and also internationally in the case of Rubestein) currently, but you are definitely gathering a lot of momentum in the last few years.

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