Where is Kelly Tilghman? and other Tales

Just got off the course at Pinehurst No. 2 (and yes, my hat got handed to me by the greens, but more on that later), turned on the PGA Tour event on the Golf Channel and wondered, where in the world is anchor Kelly Tilghman? She was supposed to be doing this on a regular basis, but maybe the Golf Channel has simply given her some time off. Last week Rich Lerner was hosting, and this week at Houston it looked like there wasn’t a regular host, but Mark Rolfing was handling some of the telecast.

So is Tilghman history? Clearly there wasn’t much chemistry with Nick Faldo, but I still thought this was in the early going. Does anyone know?


Lots of Mike Weir articles following yesterday’s conference call. Despite struggling for much of the year, Weir said the swing changes are having an impact and he’s actually pretty pleased with how things are working out.

“My confidence is really high, actually,” said Weir, 36, from his home in Draper, Utah, where it had snowed Wednesday night, cutting into his practice time. “I’m feeling good about my game – the results haven’t shown it, but I said early in the year that the changes I’m making are going to take time, and I’ve only played eight or nine events.”

Vancouver sports columnist Cam Cole notes that some golf writers have grown tired of Weir (I’m not among them), while Canadian Press puts a more positive spin on Weir.


Toronto Sun columinst Rob Longley, a G4G reader, clearly noticed the potential of a split between Mike Weir and Bell that was on this blog earlier this week. He floats the concept by Dave Haggith at IMG, who says, well, it is too early to tell. You can find Rob’s column here.

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