ECCO Golf Shoes introduce 2007 Collection

I admit it “ I like color “ I like style. I like to show up at the first tee making a bold but classy statement. I shy away from the norm. I embrace whats different. With all that in mind, I love the look of what ECCO Shoes are offering in their 2007 summer collection.

Once again, ECCO features bold design and dynamic colors. It looks like theres something for everyone from the 20-something hipster to the more mature stepfathers. Most shoe manufacturers tend to be more dramatic in their designs for women but ECCO clearly doesnt limit itself to designing mens shoes strictly for our Dads. The brand continues to stretch the boundaries of style and players wearing these shoes are sure to make a strong impression on the first tee.

In addition to styling, ECCO has designed performance footwear using some forward thinking technology including:

Performance technologies include:

¢ A direct-injection process unique to ECCO in the golf industry that ensures durability, comfort and shock-absorption
¢ Internal stabilizer that reduces torque and provides a stable swing platform
¢ Double-layer insole that provides extra cushion and absorbs heel force to reduce stress on the knees, hip and back
¢ Internal Air-Circulation System that ensures a fresh, dry and cool foot environment
¢ Dynamic Energy Return System that provides a trampoline effect during foot-strike and follow-through to reduce fatigue during the course of a round
¢ Stinger cleats from Champ with visible wear indicators and Q-Lok insert system
¢ Secondary traction elements add stability and support

In the coming weeks were going to take these shoes out onto the golf course and wear them in ways that most golfers never do. Well push these shoes to their limits and look good doing it. Stay tuned for more but in the meantime check out the Ecco gallery:

Casual Cool Ribbon / Retail: $220

Casual Cool Hydromax / Retail: $270

Neoflexor Hydromax / Retail $270

Casual Street Argyle / Retail: $200

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  • Great article! I have been wearing Ecco shoes (both golf and casual) for 5 years now. If you love to walk and play golf, Ecco is the shoe for you! Great quality, great fit and pure enjoyment! Spend a little more on quality and your feet will be rewarded!

  • I agree! I have been wearing Eccos almost exclusively for about 8 years now and I find them to be the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn (and I have flat feet). They cost a bit more than some other brands do, but they last at least two times longer than other shoes do (especially the soles). They are also a lot more fashionable than orthopedic shoes!

  • The secret of good golf shoes is finally out!.
    I have been using Ecco Golf Shoes for the past 6 years. As a former Footjoy enthusiast, I accepted and experienced many problems with this so called top brand. All I wanted was a comfortable, well fitting and reliable waterproof shoe. On switching to Ecco all my probelms were solved. Although not a fashion conscious brand then, the range has developed in leaps and bounds. I still possess and use several pairs, some of which are now 6 years old – Infact, I find it hard to part with any of them – as they are still very serviceable . I have of course invested in some of the modern range and am proud to wear them. Ecco – keep it going.

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