Walk For The Health Of It

I don`t know how often I`ve heard the grouse that golf isn`t a sport “ you don`t get any real exercise golfing! Well a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh medical Center proves the nay-sayers wrong. Of course, to maximize the health benefits, you`re going to have to get out of the cart and walk.

It is common knowledge that to gain maximum health benefits from a workout you should maintain a heart rate 60% of your maximum throughout. The study, headed by Dr. Scott Lephart, found that golfers that walked 18 holes tend to reach that maximum and maintain it for 3 hours throughout their rounds! Golfers who carry their bags get an even greater cardio-vascular workout. Of course, if you decide to ride in a cart around the golfer you can`t claim the walk from the cart to the ball as beneficial (no matter how many times you have to walk back for a different club.

I can personally attest to the cardio-vascular benefits of carrying clubs. On the few extended golf trips I`ve made over the years, it has been a policy to carry and walk for every round. During these trips I would generally play 36 holes a day. I`ll admit that exhaustion does set in by the end of the day and I can`t count too many birdies from the 33rd hole on, but I definitely feel and SEE a significance difference by the end of the week.

You walk between 5 “ 7 miles during a round of golf. If you can do that at least three times a week and maintain a reasonable diet (meaning cut down on the bad stuff “ by half) imagine the great shape you`d be in. Is there a better argument to get out and play?

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  • Well, I walked on Saturday and broke 80 for the first time on my trip, including a birdie on the 36th hole. Maybe you’ve got something here Mr. Waxman.

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