Mystic GC — Down but Not Out

I received an email late last week from Sean Casey, the receiver for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, who is running Mystic Golf Club while the course seeks a buyer.

Among the interesting facets of info Sean provided were:

* The club will in fact open in the spring, despite reports to the contrary. Casey said pricing hasn’t been set yet, but he expects it to be around $65.

* He’s received more literally dozens of requests for the confidential information package sent out to interested parties. Casey said he had no indication of how serious any of these inquires were.

* Interested parties haven’t given many indications as to what they’d like to see happen with the course, though there’s still a (limited) chance it could remain open to the public.

I think there’s still a good chance this ends up in ClubLinks’ hands, though one company exec did say he felt it would take millions to get the course into shape.

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  • That’s Good News for those of us who really like the course, and for those who have yet to try this tough test of golf.

    Maybe I’ll conquer #10 after all!

  • Clublink must be interested with comments like that. Trying to drive the price down. Chuck, don’t be so obvious.

  • They are definitely hiring for 2007 … I personally can’t see that being an enjoyable gig, but who knows? If Sean Casey is the receiver on this case, then what role does “Leo Perri” have in this?

  • This is confusing for all concerned. If staff are to work there; will there job continue once the course is sold? For all who want to play it…will it meet or exceed 2006 conditions? I personally do not see the course opening. Too many issues to run effectively/efficiently. Will Food & Beverage be offered? Stock in the pro shop? Ball washers on course? Carts?

  • I agree with Glen N..Very surprised at PwC’s decision to contract the maintenance to Don McFaul. A lot of suppliers contracted by Don to work on the course that were never paid! He must have known that the owner had no intention of paying anyone.
    Rumour has it Don is also not well respected in his profession; known to be arrogant, opionated and hard to work with.

  • Having been invloved with Mystic until my dismissal in early July/06 I can tell you that Don as well as myself dealt with our respective suppliers in good faith and had no inkling at the time that they would not be paid. I think it is obvious now that the whole project was grossly under financed. As far as Don and working for him there is no question he can be tough but then so am I. We both expect the best out of staff and are totally dedicated to our respective professions. Now that Don will be provided the proper tools to maintain Mystic I am confidant the golf course will be in the best possible condition.

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