Nike Recalls Sumo2

An interesting story in Golf Digest today about Nike recalling its new Sumo2 driver over [photopress:sumo2.jpg,full,alignright]conformance issues:

Nike Golf will recall its new, square-shaped Nike Sumo2 driver, due to what it calls an “unauthorized manufacturing variance.” According to sources, Nike is instructing all retailers to remove the driver from shelves “immediately” and begin returning them to the company. Individual golfers will be able to return their current Sumo2 driver for a new, conforming model starting March 26. (source)

Nike posted the recall on its website here. The company said it believe the issue impacts a “minority” of its Sumo2 drivers sold. Interestingly, the non-conformance issue is related to distance, apparently “1 or 2 yards,” according to Nike Golf.

What will this do to Nike’s Sumo2 marketing or the general take on the square driver? Time will tell whether the club recovers from this problem.

Update: As reader Alain notes: “The SUMO 2 conformance program only applies to the US for the moment. Details for Canada and other countries will come later.”

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