High MOI Drivers featuring the largest face area available for maximum distance, accuracy and forgiveness

The walk down the fairway is about to get longer thanks to the new King Cobra Speed LD and Speed Pro Drivers and Fairway Metals from Cobra Golf. The Speed LD and Pro are the longest, straightest most forgiving metals ever offered from Cobra.

“LD stands for Limit Dimensions, which means we’ve pushed this club head to the very edge of USGA size regulations,” said Jeff Harmet, President, Cobra Golf. “By maximizing the length and width we have achieved a Moment of Inertia value of 5,000 which is as high as any all-titanium driver in the market today. What separates the Speed LD from other high MOI drivers is: 1) The largest face area in golf with a Milled Dual-Rhombus Face Insert for our Hottest 9 Points and, 2) Our exclusive Speed Tuning technology which is designed to generate faster ball speeds for all player types.”


King Cobra Speed LD drivers feature the maximum USGA allowable club head length and width. With a 5,000 inertia value, Speed LD drivers have among the highest MOI of any all-titanium driver. In addition, they feature the largest face in golf with a milled dual rhombus face insert for maximum accuracy and distance across the Hotter 9 Points. Speed LD Drivers also include the exclusive Speed Tuning technology which optimizes ball speeds for all player types.

Speed LD Driver Technology:

· Limit Dimensions – In order to optimize CG location, the club head dimensions were pushed to the very edge of USGA size regulations: 5″ x 5″. This moves the center of gravity lower and further back resulting in high MOI and a high, draw bias trajectory to promote longer, straighter drives.
· Fastback Crown with Deep Dimples “ Adding deep dimples and increasing the slope of the crown from front to back allows the center of gravity to move lower and further back for higher MOI and launch. The crown and skirt are manufactured to an ultra-thin 0.024″ which also helps lower the center of gravity and increase the MOI.
· Extremely High MOI – Speed LD Drivers have an inertia value of 5000, which means higher ball speeds, more consistent spin rates and launch conditions on off-center hits. The result is a more consistent ball flight, higher trajectory and greater carry distance.
· Largest Face Area with Milled Dual Rhombus Face Insert“ At 4.75″ x 2.4″ the Speed LD’s face is the largest face in golf. Combined with the patented Milled Dual-Rhombus design, the face generates higher ball speed across all 9 points on the clubface.

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  • i just got a cobra speed ld m driver and i love it. The sound it makes when you hit it at first scares you but you get used to it. If you make good contact with the ball it flies. I usually hit 250 but i went to the driving range and was hitting 265 and sometimes 270. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to increase the drives and clubhead speed. The only drawback is it sometimes fades.

  • I bought a 2007 ld f driver and I cannot seem to find the fairway, my old driver was my best club in the bag, it was a Taylormade R5. Is it possible that my new driver may be defective?

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