The Wrong Wie Forward

Shocking when the Michelle Wie camp does something that doesn’t involve splashy front page stories, but word is slowly leaking out that her wrist injury is likely more severe than first thought. Turns out she’ll miss the Safeway and the first LPGA major of the year because of the injury, which is taking longer to heal than expected:

Ive been in constant contact with B.J. (her father) and the Wie camp, Maletis said when asked about the 17-year-old superstars status for the Safeway International, which takes place March 22-25 at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club.

Officially, shell miss our event, and, unofficially, shell also miss the Kraft Nabisco. Apparently, last week she had the cast taken off, and the doctor found that (the injury) was not healing like it should ” there was still some pain ” and so the doctor put the cast back on for another two weeks.

Maletis said he was somewhat surprised that the official word on both tournaments had yet to be released.

But B.J. told me shes not going to play in either tournament, Maletis said. I mean, she would just be getting the cast off, and thats hardly the time to make your first (LPGA) start of the season. Source.

At some point more people will come to question the decisions being made around Wie, who is clearly very talented but is receiving questionable direction. If her wrist was truly this injured, why in the world was she hacking her way around the Sony in the Hawaii while clearly in pain? Remarkably, this latest injury isn’t the same as the one she had wrapped at Sony. This one stems from a fall at Stanford.

Still isn’t someone in the Wie camp going to wake up and realize this girl is a longterm proposition, not a short term asset that can be milked for all it is worth in the next few years and tossed away?

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  • Anyone wondering, as I am, if Michelle’s current “injury” might possibly be nothing more than a convenient coverup for a demand by Nike that she lose a few pounds before she shows her rapidly ballooning face/body in public again. Nike’s not paying her to look like Laura Davies!

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