Weir a worthy choice?

Interesting to see Gary Player’s comments on Mike Weir and Stephen Ames and the resulting media coverage all noting the two Canadians wouldn’t be guaranteed spots on the Presidents Cup team just because they are from this country and the event is being held in Montreal.

Here’s what Player had to say:

Well, first of all, it’s my job as captain and you’re correct, he’s 21st. It’s my job as captain to put in the very best team. I can’t just put a Canadian in because we’re playing in Canada and the people would love to see it. It’s my duty as captain to put in the very best team.

Which, of course, is interesting considering he picked his hometown boy Trevor Immelman in 2005. Yes, Immelman would go on to become a star, but he was 21st ranked at the time (with no Majors, unlike Weir). He also ended up 1-3, and Player was criticized for the pick. Perhaps that is why Player is shying away from taking someone that low on the ranking because of Immelman’s performance.

Either way, if Weir gets his game in shape and moves up sufficiently, he’d seem like a good pick. Especially consider his 8-6 record.

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  • Apples and apples: Gary Player is SA and would pick a SA; when a Canadian is Captain he might pick a Canadian. I think Rutledge will be rolling by the time they pick anyway! Even if Ames is Canadian I think because he represented T&T he will always play for T&T, but T&T is part of the World anyway.. Only in track and field can people wave different flags every 4 years, golf is purer. Remember how quickly Ben Johnson became Jamaican again.

  • Weir probably does not deserve to be picked. However, he has a few things working for him:

    – PGA will ‘tell’ Gary Player to pick Weir in order to sell tickets
    – If Gary Players does not pick Wier, the fans will cheer for the Americans, he will not be taking the risk
    – Domestic sponsors will me up in arms if Weir is not picked

    If Weir is not picked, I am certain there will be a new International captain next time. Maybe Bob Charles or Jumbo Ozaki.

  • Gary Player is saying what he has to say, but unless Ames makes the team by right, Weir will be one of the captain’s picks for sure. It’s a certainty there will be at least one Canadian in the team.

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