Angus Glen Private: Worth $250K Per Membership?

It looks like the fine folks at Angus Glen have finally determined a model for their new private club near Uxbridge. Rather than trying to sell hundreds of memberships at $80,000 for the new design by Martin Ebert and Donald Steel, the club will attempt to sell a few dozen at $250,000 per entry.

The concept is the “founding members,” who ante up the quarter million will get to invite two associates to join the club on an annual basis, creating a Redtail-like experience in the Toronto area with about 120 golfers at the club all told.

Apparently the decision on the business model was made because the club thought it would have greater difficulty finding 350 players in an already saturated market willing to pay going rate for a good private club. Nearby Coppinwood, which has done quite well in its first year of operation, still only has around 150 members, well short of their final target. I’d suspect Coppinwood will eventually attract the players it is seeking, but it could take some time.

As for whether there are 40 guys in Toronto willing to part with $250K, I have no idea. I guess we’ll soon find out. Certainly very expensive memberships are common in the U.S., where memberships can run more than $500,000 US.

Sebonack Golf Club, which opened for limited play last weekend in Southampton, New York, costs what might be a world- highest $650,000 for a membership that ensures accommodations at one of 15 four-bedroom “cottages” being built around the course. It’s $500,000 just for golf.

The new club sits between 95-year-old National Golf Links of America and four-time U.S. Open host Shinnecock Hills Golf Club at the eastern end of Long Island. Other neighbors include Atlantic Golf Club and the Bridge, both in Bridgehampton. Membership in those clubs — by invitation only — tops out at $575,000.

See this story for more. It isn’t a question that some are willing to pay a fortune for golf. The question is whether they are willing to pay it to play in Toronto. Currently the two most expensive clubs in the country are Magna and Oakdale (which offers a family membership) and both exceed $100,000.

Oh, and apparently Angus Glen owner and golf developer Gordon Stollery (who also runs a fine little oil company in Calgary) has settled on the name Goodwood Golf Club for his project. That could still change, I’m told, but that appears to be the title they have the most faith in. For what it is worth, I like it.

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  • wasn’t there some kind of legal issue with the name “Goodwood”?? if i recall correctly, with the parent of a high profile Coppinwood investor?

  • Is Goodwood in Toronto? Used to be a go cart place named Goodwood and it was a fair drive from Toronto. I can’t imagine finding enough compatible people to pay that much to play a new course, maybe Toronto clubs can chip in and send their most offensive player to …….but I just found out how much Raptor tickets go for so maybe there are lots of potential members.
    But why would they not join a great existing club?

  • Interesting idea. Is it Equity? 40 guys at $250K is $10 mil. Will that cover the costs with a clubhouse? Is one of the requirements for the member to guarantee 2 others at no initiation to cover the annual dues & operating expenses?

    Coppinwood at 150 still has a long way to go. Granite’s at 540 (includes husbands & wives); wants to go to 575. Windance? At least they understand that they have to do something different in that area.

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