For Sale: One Failed Golf Course in Southern Ontario

Psst….Wanna buy a golf course?

For the record, I’m an interested party and I’ve got, well, maybe $700 to spare on a property within an hour of Toronto.


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Robert Thompson

A bestselling author and award-winning columnist, Robert Thompson has been writing about business and sports, and particularly golf, for almost two decades. His reporting and commentary on golf has appeared in Golf Magazine, the Globe and Mail, T&L Golf and many other media outlets. Currently Robert is a columnist with Global Golf Post, golf analyst for Global News and Shaw Communications, and Senior Writer to ScoreGolf. The Going for the Green blog was launched in 2004.

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  • I guess it’s official now right Robert? I would love to hear what Mr. Berger has to say now what with all his rants about how good HE was going to make Mystic. You should get ahold of him and let us know what he has to say now!!!

  • I’ve got $700 too! Is Clublink going to come and buy this one as well? If so, too bad it isn’t in the London area as Clublink desperately needs to buy another one to keep their membership numbers up.

  • I am always disappointed when someone tries to build something create jobs and it doesn’t work out. Everybody has an opinion, but does it really matter what your opinion is. The only people that should comment on this are people who have created something on there own. If everyone helped each other and worked together towards a common goal, Ontario would be a better place. Instead everyone is beating each other up and nobody is going to win.

  • Chris:

    I think people should feel free to provide comments regardless of whether one has “created something on their own”. Opinions may be logical, illogical, based on facts, or otherwise but restricting comments is not within the spirit of free speech (unless the words are based on racism, sexism, or defaming in nature, etc).

    Differing opinions reflect diversity of thought that can be used to create something unique and powerful. Always being supportive without being constructively critical leads to suboptimal results.

  • Weekender

    Freedom of speech yes. BUT kicking someone when their down NO!!!. Chris is right in this case!
    I have built a golf course from the ground up. IT’s a tough go with federal, provincial and municipal laws. Let alone someone sitting on the muncipal board having their own agenda ” there will be no golf course built here as long as I am around”. Feel for anyone who has attempted and failed. It is a major emotional and physical drain. Believe me they did not set out to cheat people.

  • Larry:

    Restricting freedom of speech because someone is down on their luck is plain wrong. Just because it is hard means no criticism is allowed? That is in interesting filter for defining when someone can comment on an issue. My ability to voice an opinion is dependent on your perception or experience of how hard the task is? Gimme a break…

  • Weekender;
    Free speech blah blah blah….
    Your opinion doesn’t matter and that’s why you speak it freely.
    Easy to form an opinion when a decision (one that will have significant bearing on the lives of others) based on that opinion is not required.

  • how much would you sell the course for
    what are the details of this property
    I am looking for a course to buy in the next year or so

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