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Customer service is what it`s all about. As far as irons are concerned, I have considered myself a Callaway Man for the past four years. At first I just liked the look of the X-16`s. The club looked great and felt great in my hands and therefore I swung it with confidence, hitting the sweet spot more often than not. The graphics always looked cool to me too which never hurts. As much as I love the clubs though, it is Callaway’s customer service that leads me to proclaim myself a Callaway Man.

A couple of years ago, in the middle of a particularly solid round of golf, I had a shot of 190 yards ahead of me and pulled out the trusty 3 iron. I took the club back and swung through but the grass yanked the club face back. Unfortunately the shaft kept going. The club head had come clean off the shaft. I took the shaft and club head back to Royal Ashburn (where I had originally bought the set) and within two weeks Callaway had supplied a brand new 3 iron.

Last spring I stood on the range at the Oshawa Golf Club warming up for a round I had my 7 iron in my hand. I hit the first two shots flush. On my third swing, though, the club head went further than the ball. After the round I marched back to Royal Ashburn and, once again, Callaway came through and with 2 weeks I was playing with a full set again.

Now there are some cynics laughing and saying that the clubs shouldn`t have broken but I`d like to think that they broke because of how frequently I play rather than the quality of the clubs. Regardless, because of Callaway`s no questions asked policy of standing behind their product I remain a Callaway man and it is the first brand I bring up when asked to recommend clubs.

Customer service is what it is all about.

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  • i need help in replacing a lost club my 7 iron from big bertha x-12 irons,rch751 graphite shaft,reg flex can u direct me to source pleaswe and thank you

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