Artificial Stimulation

It was a good weekend. I shot an 83 at Pebble Beach and a 74 at La Quinta. That being said, I shot those scores playing from the whites, I never sank a putt and I didn’t have to leave Ajax. I headed over to Carruther’s Creek for a quick couple of rounds and to start working out the kinks in my swing.

If you have tried playing in a golf simulator you should give it a go. The yardage is pretty accurate as is the ball flight. Those factors aside, if nothing else, you can at least use the computer to see what your swing path looks like and what angle to have the club face at.

I played in Carruther Creek’s simulator league last winter and found that I had a much better swing going into the regular golf season. If these things are accurate my workout regiment might be helping. I’m hitting every club ten yards longer than this time last year though I’m pretty loosey goosey on the driver.

Fitness tip: if you play a round of golf on your own in the simulator you don’t get any breaks so you’ll work up a sweat. Nice!! I’d love to know how many calories I burned.

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  • Hey Stevie,

    Glad you enjoyed the sims. We just opened up a new simulator facility right downtown. We’d love to have you drop by. We may even arrange for someone for you to play with. 😉

    By the way, we are starting something new – our golf ladder. Head to head one hour match play games … just like a squash ladder. Care to see how you’d measure up?


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